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The jewelry company at the center of a lawsuit regarding an alleged stolen Rolex which Drake wore on the cover of his Take Care album, is speaking out against the litigation. Rafaello & Co., Inc. denies that the suit has any merit, and is blasting accuser James E. McMillan’s account of what took place.

As previously reported, McMillan claims that the $300,000 Rolex that he purchased was sold to Drizzy without his permission. “Rafaello & Co., Inc. does not wish to try this lawsuit in the press,”  the company’s lawyer, Mark L. Rosenfeld, said in a statement to Hip-Hop Wired. “In the United States, anyone can sue  anyone else, and as part of that lawsuit, make whatever allegations they wish regardless of whether or not such allegations are true.

“We believe that ultimately the allegations and statements made by Jame E. McMillan in his complaint will be proven to be false, and that Rafaello & Co. Inc, will be completely vindicated.”

According to the jewelry company, they make it a point to take care of their celebrity clients. “Our celebrity and high profile clients have over the years come to completely value our integrity, our service and the quality of our jewelry merchandise, and we continue to maintain and provide that high level service, and jewelry merchandise to our customers.”

Drake has yet to release a statement on the matter.



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Photo: The G.O.O.D.S Magazine

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