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Lil Wayne Allegedly “Treated Like Sh!t” By OKC Arena Staff, Rooting For The Miami Heat [PHOTOS]


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  • blomdemom

    So what happened?????

    • unitedone

      wayne is being a spoiled brat…nothing to see here.

  • shauntel

    Maybe, just maybe they don’t care who he is…{shrug}

  • PPL CLAIM TO BE REGULAR FOLK OUTSIDE MUSIC BUT WEN U GET TREATED LIKE A REGULAR PERSON U OFFENDED? u just lil wayne u n nick have this same problem money doesnt make u betta den ppl .. have a seat .treat ppl around wit respect n not for ur sideshow…

  • Okie

    What a lil scumbag he is. OKC doesn’t want you.

  • Heather

    @ blomdemom, in the western conference finals against the spurs he wanted courtside seats, which zero were available and I guess he expected them to move fans who had PAID for their seats and when he didn’t get his way he acted like a baby and threw a tantrum! Last night he bought courtside seats and attended the game but again said he was treated like sh*t for reasons yet unknown!

    • blomdemom

      I know about that. I laughed at that one. But I am wondering what happened last night. I have heard a couple of rumors about it. But what bother’s me is that this person is taking the attention away from a very good basketball game, by acting like a spoiled brat.