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Lil Scrappy Has A Message For Any & All Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Haters [VIDEO]


Lil Scrappy doesn’t mince his words for anybody. The Atlanta rapper, and now reality star thanks to VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, is aware of all the slander that went down when the show premiered this past Monday; mainly over its portrayal of Black women.

“They know that’s how it go,” Scrappy tells Hip-Hop Wired. “They talk about it on the radio all the time, that’s how it go. ‘Ahh, I don’t know why these rappers are out there, that’s all they do is mess with these women, leave they women at home.’ Well that’s what we just showed you, ya feel me?”

The “Money In The Bank” rapper added, “I know why they mad. I know why they give us bad criticism. We ain’t even had one fight on there yet and they gave us bad criticism. They wish they could be on there, theyself [sic]. How hot it was when it came out the other day, everybody with they could have that. I didn’t even know it was going to be like that. I wish last year I could have that, so I know why they mad.”

Check out Scrappy explain why he agree to participate on the show (it meant his mom, Momma Dee, who is ’bout that life, gets paid), shouts out Mob Wives and explains when a remote control come in handy in our exclusive clip below. Lil Scrappy’s sophomore album, Tha Grustle, is out June 26th on G’$up/S-Line/Bonzi Records.


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  • youdontnomyname

    I had to read the paragraph like three or four times, to understand what he was saying.LOL But me personally I WOULD NOT want to be on a show like that. It portrays people to look and act a certain way. And personally I’m not silly,ignorant, nor crazy nor dumb, or look like a man LOL

    • girlywitbrains

      Lol I agree in that order! Lma0 that Momma Dee is a cold piece of work for real!

  • This man sound so retarded. #thatisall

  • Mspinklady

    I will say that I appreciate his honesty….

  • koffybrown

    LOL..I will keep watching. Why? Because it doesn’t define me as a person or as a woman. If they want to put it out there for the world to see thats their business, besides I know I’am not the only one who’s curious about these rapper,ballers and entertainers lives. You feel in my LiL Scrappy voice…you feel me.

  • cocoa

    I will watch i like momma dee and steviej and scrappy all the rest can kick rocks.

    • guest

      Oh so u just like the men on the show?…ok:-)

  • guest

    Lil Scrappy can sit his lil scrappy @*$ down somewhere…..the rest of them can sit in his lap!!!

  • Mrsdash

    Loved it

  • laray

    Lil scrappy is cute…harmless



  • Shaba

    Scrappy kick rocks, come out with an album that worth something then talk to us.

  • And this is why Black People can’t make any real gains in society as a whole with the get money/spend money/Imma do me and sell myself out for a dollar cause I never hd nothing to begin with mentality…smh….negros…

  • deezo326

    He’s getting a check…umm, umm, umm..SMDH. I guess that’s what it boils down to. My people, my people…