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7 Reasons Why Dr. Dre’s Detox Will Never Drop


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He’s Busy Leading The New School.

Eminem will tell you that a co-sign from Dre goes a long way. Now that’s he’s a veteran in the game, the Good Doctor is paying it forward by blessing some of the new cats, like Kendrick Lamar. Being a surrogate big brother is more fulfilling than putting out Detox.

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  • CriticXtreme

    Detox may be musically stuck in the time it was created. Since then, music has been dumbed down. It would be nice to hear it before 12.21.2012.

  • Diva12

    I really hope this album drops this yr.. Cuz hip hop has died and needs a refresher!!!

    • Tae

      can we PLEASE STOP with this hip hop is dead ish…people have been saying that since 06 now. When is it just gonna die already? never!!! Hip hop doesn’t need a “refresher” from Dr. Dre. There are several great young artists and established vets who regularly put out good music. Stop this hip hop is dead foolishness for christ’s sake

      • christo

        There is only one still out there and that is the game , 50 cent has lost it , eminem is boring aswell as snoop , you need dre back to show the rest which direction to go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • krillsac

        try immortal technique or the game

      • Julio


      • Bharat Rao

        I know right….

    • ooGLE BOOGLA

      I think you mean radio HIp Hop is dead the underground is always striving and kicking.

  • LIfesucks

    He won’t drop it because it will not live up to the hype. No matter what comes out it can live up to the hype

  • webdemon

    No one is waiting for this record “to drop”.

  • DeLeon629

    Damn good article. Wannabes need to be aware that there isn’t much money made in making records; especially when 40% of them can be bootlegged anyway. THe money is in the shows & let’s be real: has Dre put in this much work only to end up dying to make a living by touring? Right.

  • Darkest

    I dont care

  • Dr. Dre is wack as hell. He’s too old and he’s not releasing his album because it sucks and he wants it to be great. Were not getting a “refresher” from dre the radio just gives you what most people want which is pop/r&b crap. Hip Hop isn’t dead, our generation is.

    • Julio


  • iprophet

    2013 for sure depending how TDE blows up

  • Screw

    Dre dont even sound like Dre anymore, have u heard his new music lately? dude sounds like a cross between Eminem and 50Cent LOL shyt is garbo son! Even Dre knows he garbage and dont want to make himself look bad after all the hype. Dre’s days in hiphop are done people so just move on.

    • Let Dre get over his son’s death and we all know that Dr Dre is a perfectionist so let the dude take his time

      • Julio


  • melad ashkar

    Maaaan that’s bullshit, if its hard, and u can’t, Dre will.

    • melad

      He always surprise us. And Dre always said ” its coming”, that means its coming, he will not surprise us by not dropping it, but by making it better, it Dr Dre!!

  • lol

    probably going to drop it when he dies. like a surprise or something like that

  • Deliciousdavy

    Detox is going to be the soundtrack for southpaw.

  • name

    Was that a joke? None of those reasons make sense. He won’t drop it cuz no one cares anymore

  • Chucky

    That Suge Knight reason was retarded. Utterly dumbfounded.

  • antisatan2

    He is waiting for the return of Tupac

  • Flex

    Dre fell off a long time ago. He had one good album (2001) and this album will never live up to the hype. Wtf is Dre thinking. Horrible PR. I was a huge fan until he hyped up this bs album that’ll never come out

  • Yug Shende

    The 7th and the 8th ones are just plain jokes right?