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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta – Full Episode 2 [VIDEO]


Episode numero two of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta aired last night and while there was less f-ckery than on the premiere episode, there was still plenty of ratchetness to go around. While Rasheeda tried to make sure her rap career stays in order and Scrappy’s baby momma spent quality time with her mom, the talk of the Internets was clearly all about the ongoing faux-pimp struggle of former Bad Boy Hitman Stevie J. 

The jury is still out over Joseline Hernandez and her, as Lil Scrappy puts it, “manly features,” but without dropping any spoilers for those who haven’t seen the episode, we will say that her and Stevie J’s convo over a pregnancy test is beyond awkward.

Not everyone is entertained by the show’s dysfunction caught on camera antics, though. There is currently an online petition seeking to have it removed from the air citing its “exploitation of the lived experiences of people who may not even know they’re being exploited.” As this post is published, the petition has over 2,200 signatures. Watch the entire second episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta below.

[Spotted at Mr. World Premiere]


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  • YellababyATX

    Wait!!!! Stevie J can sing?!?!?!?

  • lisa cooper

    Mimi needs to keep her guard up on that bastard 24/7. Not just every few days or so. I love to see dirt bags get called out on their BS.

  • WOW!!! I’m shocked. I really believe she’s a man. How can she be pregnant? It seems like she has no morality, or class about herself. She acts like she owns everything. Advice to Mimi! If he hasn’t married you in fifteen years, he’s never going to. You deserve better than that, but until you realize that. You’re going to get hurt everyday.

    • fran

      exactly what is she showing her oldest daughter? thats sad that she still falls prey. i dont feel bad for women like her bc she is saying its ok to be treated like that.

  • jandrea310

    I don’t know whether to feel sorry for Mimi or slap the hell out of her for being so naive she to old for this bs

    • OnlySpeakDatruth

      No, you can slap her because she weak and pathetic!!! How many times would you let a man disrespect you and is blatant with it???

  • jazz

    Stevie J is a creep…look at how he tighten his mouth when hes trying to be hard…uggh…the woman are laughable. You gotta be kidding me!

  • fran

    wow this is a mess. kardie is two face, first she talks bout joselyn then she talks bout mimi (lol). stevie j need to stop, its not a good look. mimi loves him but she bout her money too, but 15yrs o hell no. im married and i would never……. joselynn funny tho, too think stevie give a damn bouit her. she just another chick to him. strappy is funny ha haa…

  • Justicee18

    smmfh , i could not have been mi mi just of the simple fact he had both of yall in the same place knowing he f%&king her i mean gahhh , is there any faith in these so called 2012 relationships !

  • this broad is more masculine then her husband

  • rasheeda that southern gimmick is over and done

  • kim

    Love&hiphop atl…is a joke…stevie j talks like he rehearses in the mirror everything he says in front of the camera..nothing sincere about the guy…this is straight up BAD ACTING!!!!! Nothing real here…even the morons that like this crap knows this isn’t even passable to be entertaining….I like black people getting paid. But , Please stop the madness.