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CAPTION THIS: Jay-Z, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian And A Mean Side-Eye [PHOTO]


It doesn’t matter where Jay-Z may be, last night it was holding court in the front row at the BET Awards, at any moment there can be a number of things on the “On To The Next One” rapper’s mind. Like, “What if the New Jersey Brooklyn Nets really do go 0-82?” Or, “What is taking Jay Electronica so long to release that damn album?” And just maybe, “Self, you are married to Beyoncé, you are truly winning.”

However, the photo below tells a different tale. 

Maybe Hov is looking at something else off camera, but it damn sure look like he’s giving Kanye West’s girlfriend Kim Kardashian the thoroughbred side-eye. That said, tell us what you think is on Jigga Man’s mind at that exact moment.

The Throne (Jay-Z + Kanye West) took home the Best Group Award and Video of the Year Award at the 2012 BET Awards.


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Photo: BET/Instagram

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  • Miso Whoreknee

    As Richard Pryor once said “…not on the lips.” He was thinking there is no way in hell do you kiss, hug or touch me. On the way upstage he gave her the “atta boy” tap. Lol

    • AR

      I peeped that out too… Kanye gave Bey a hug and Jay gave KK that tap! LOL

    • Truth

      atta boy tap….AHAHAHAHAHA!

  • MA

    He is thinking please don’t talk to me please don’t..

    Plus he doesn’t want that.. It’s sloppy seconds.

    • kim

      more like sloppy fifths

    • STFU @$$F@CE

      I’m sorry, unless a man is gay, he will bang Kim K

      • BS

        He’s married to the hottest chick in the game!!!! Wtf are you even talking about! Bey shits on this piece of trash EASILY!

      • Vandellish

        ‘Hottest chick in the game’
        There’s an original phrase/sentiment pal.

      • Vandellish

        Indeed…plus Jay Z and Kanye have probably had 30x as many ‘partners’ as Kim K has.
        Him and Beyonce are truly black snobs if they are looking down on a friend’s girlfriend and/or publicity stunt. People need to stop thinking in cliches.

      • maxine21

        Maybe but I don’t think, Jay and Kayne let any of them piss on them. ewww

      • Bubbah

        We all have friends whose women we don’t like – AND WE DO NOT HAVE TO!! With that being said, we are NOT snobs either. No woman has to become bestie’s with their hubby’s business associates’ wives. It’s human nature to dislike certain other people’s vibes. Even Jesus Christ was not liked by everybody. YOU need to get “real.”

    • Truth


  • noneofurbiz

    tht look is classic, absolutely love it like twitch pls don’t think abt coming ne where near me… its time she gets put in her place very soon she will b like her former bff paris hilton a m@ther f@#$&!g factor…..

  • Who truly cares what he’s looking at or why. Kim is a gorgeous oung lady that is having a good time living the life. It doesn’t matter what Jay -Z thinks about her. As long as Keanye is ok with it then Jay-Z should be too. That’s his boy. As far as his wife she too is the bomb so both guy’s looked better seated next to them. If they were not there we would not have given either Kanye or Jay-Z another thought.