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Machine Gun Kelly Says Black Women “Give The Best Head” [VIDEO]


Machine Gun Kelly done f-cked up now, word to Bill Duke in Menace II Society. During the red carpet at this past weekend’s BET Awards, Baller Alert TV asked the Bad Boy rapper about his reported love for Black women. After revealing that his own daughter is Black, the rapper’s answer quickly devolved into cringe-worthy awkward struggle.

“Black girls give the best head,” opined MGK. “A hundred percent, yeah. Facts.”

He continued, “Now this is what y’all do. Y’all either give the best head or you say you don’t give head. White girls they just give head. I’m saying…it’s not that you don’t give the best head, it’s just that most of y’all say, ‘I don’t do that, unless your my man.’ Whereas you just need to show your skills, cause Black girls give the best head a hundred percent.”

Let us break down just some of the multiple levels of fail seen in the video below. The artist starts off the answer be referring to his young daughter, who if you go by the one drop rule is African-American, and hopefully one day blossom into a grown woman. The same woman MGK refers to as giving the best head. Also, this is not the best topic of conversation to be having off the top of your head, as a Caucasian man, on a red carpet, at a BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION event. Lastly, when a woman walks off for a feeling a ways about his suspect commentary, MGK goes on an ugly, misogynistic tirade that makes you wonder what dude says when there aren’t any cameras around.

Watch the clip for yourself below. Please let us know what you think of Machine Gun Kelly’s “compliment” to Black women in the comments.


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  • mediavest7floor

    Lawd have mercy!!!!!

  • Tellitlikeitis

    Shameful and the host should have checked him gracefully instead of encouraging his pseudo ghetto tomfoolery. What he said was NOT a compliment and she’s sitting up there laughing all giddy….SMH. The fact that he has a “black” daughter is a NMFF. To call the black lady who walked away all those names were uncalled for. The host should have really checked him or walked away (with the microphone in hand) and MADE A NON-VERBAL STATEMENT if she was TOO MUCH OF A COWARD to make a verbal one!

  • digital diva

    Black people, if you buy you buy another one of his records, you are an idiot!

    • korbermeister

      sorry, if i relegated my music purchases to non-stupid people i’d only be listening to Bach and Beethoven.

      • arnesha lanette adams

        Hey Bach and Beethoven is good and rap music no longer music to me no offense folks but old school rap had a message and meant something but now they talk about money, cars, women, and other materialistic bullshit they are only a few good rappers from old school and a little of the new school that actually still make music music the rest is just bullshit.

      • korbermeister

        I’ll agree that some old school rap had a message but don’t try to convince yourself that Rappers Delight or My Adidas was any more cogent than music by Kanye or Jay Z. Rap reps its culture and the culture is sick.

      • Arnesha Lanette Adams

        Yes i agree with that.

      • Arnesha Lanette Adams

        It is sad that racism still exists and no offense some black folks still have mad at white people and anyone speaking their mind on how they are acting in this generation instead of making a negative into a positve sad so sad. Why can’t they just get over the past and move forward already. lol.

      • korbermeister

        don’t think that the US has a lock on racism because it existed long before africans were brought to these shores. Unfortunately some parents believe that academic achievements is only for white people and don’t/won’t push their children to excel in anything other than sports related, if that. Now couple this with a single mom raising a child/children with no role models other than dealers, overpaid sports stars, rappers, all making money w/o earning a college degree and it’s no surprise that the cards are stacked against him/her

  • TT

    I am a Machine Gun Kelly fan…
    However, I don’t think his response was appropriate for the place he was at. He’s at the BET Awards, surrounded by all black men and women, getting interviewed by a black woman, has a black daughter, and yet he formulates a response as such.
    I’m not offended by his statement because there is always beauty in the truth (I don’t give head, js) and clearly he isn’t racist. I’d just wish he’d said this in a different place/kept this to himself. Some things don’t need to be said.And on top of that, the black community is already going to give him a hard time for being a white rapper, why make it harder for yourself, MGK?
    Next time…think before you speak…

    • adrienne michelle


    • Arnesha Lanette Adams

      i agree and that should go for anyone on here and around the world also.


  • koffybrown

    I guess since his daughter is black and one day she will a woman,than I guess this will apply to her also. This is what happens when we as people of color let poeple like this fool get to relax around them and allow them to disrespect our people. He was totally out of line. He should have said the black women he messed with give the best head but nooo! the fool is generalizing black women as a whole. I’m sure any sane black woman wouldn’t give two s**ts about this dumba*s, let alone but her mouth on this wannabe knowbody.


  • dude

    TT you would’ve been better off not saying if you give head or not. Now we all know you a certified head doctor, just admit it. Now for mgk, he is a damn lie. White girls give the best head known to man. Fat white girls in particular.

  • J A SASSY aka salon22w

    BLACK PEOPLE >>> WAKE UP!..thats suppose to be a compliment… gimme a break!! WAKE UP!!

    • Arnesha Lanette Adams

      right some black women do impressive things some good some bad but impressive and that is what makes us appealing along with any other races of women and men that makes us stand out and different we all have a type of uniqueness to us but it takes others to see it.

  • TrinidadtoHouston

    u american negros to damn sensitive lighten up for real

    • really???

      another carribbean idiot who comes to america and thinks he’s better than the Black people in this country because you speak the “queens english”. sucka, your forefathers were just slaves a little longer than ours. just because you speak like a white person, doesn’t mean you are educated. just fakin the funk. NP!!

      • Arnesha Lanette Adams

        hey not cool man not cool. you nor him or better than anyone man. you two are all got something in common and that is trying to survive this cold hearted world period. So lighten up man and chill out you should be blessed to still be living so be happy with that i know you dont like what he said but it is his right to say what he feels in his heart you cant stop it.

      • AMEN TO THAT!!!!

    • Arnesha Lanette Adams

      Amen hun. Amen to that

    • Arnesha Lanette Adams

      but not all american black folks think that way i am mixed with irish indian and got african blood running in my veins so yeah i would be offended being called an any white racial slurs or hearing another black person calling a white person and a white person calling an indian or black person out there name or any other races being offended. lol.

    • Arnesha Lanette Adams

      hey do not include me in that mix. i know i got some racism but i am racist against racist.

  • Arnesha Lanette Adams

    Hello everyone my name is Arnesha Lanette Adams and I am neutral some of the posted comments. Yes what he said is not appropriate at the BET Awards but the ladies reaction didn’t make her look any better if you stoop to someone’s level no matter what race than you are the one who is the fool. It is better to be the better person and not let things get you rawled up and make you act like a total dummy. She should have been kind enough to pull him to the side and asked or told him that she was offended by his choice of words but she didn’t she acted more immature and more inappropriate than his comment was. So i feel both of them should have acted a little bit more grown up and mature. And the interviewer handled it very well she turned a negative to a positive by just laughing about it instead of wanting to pop off at the mouth about his comment. It is called being professional and she did her job respecting his freedom of speech. This is the problem with black folks today they are so busy tearing people down but we need to find better ways of handling situations such as these. No offense but we are giving caucasians reasons to call us ignorant by acting that way. Yes black people before our time paved a way for the later generation to be able to do things like work with other minorities, vote, and other contributions. So if anyone should be offended it should be them not us. Yes you are valued to your opinions yes but watch what you say and do before judging other people on their actions. And regardless of the fact we are all human we all are going to make mistakes and say things inappropriate, or something no one likes but that is life either you deal with it or deal with out it. Stop worrying about what other people say about you and learn to prove em wrong not right. Now everyone have a nice day.

    • womp womp

      So in other words, she should just say yeesa massa and take his foul behavour because she has to look better than him? trash is trash. He should’ve been checked-plain and simple. better yet, someone should’ve cut the mic and moved on to the next one.

  • Are you guy serious?

    It was a freaking joke.
    The majority of y’all need to chill or maybe receive a little head.

  • Oh and another thing!
    STOP talking about being disrespected when “Bangin’ Candy” is on the side panel over here.
    You got hoes not wearing any clothes showing off their butt implants but you want to get mad at MGK?
    Alright cool.

    • Arnesha Lanette Adams

      Amen to that ma.

  • densure

    Blacks do not give heads at all unless they are on drugs.

    • Arnesha Lanette Adams

      I do not agree with that at all it is a new day and age you do not know what black folks do now a days so that is false not all blacks are on drugs. Thank you for the negative comment hun. lol

  • i’m broke bish!

    what black women is putting his little pink weiner in their mouth? Eww, i’m about to throw up!


  • Womp Womp

    that douchebag was about to call the woman who didn’t want to assault her ears with his tirade, an N-word…listen again! That guy has dated some desperate females, but knows nothing about “(all) black women”. He sounds like Bill Mauer Jr. over there with his Black women this and that. You don’t know us, white boy! And we sure as hell don’t know you!!!

    • Arnesha Lanette Adams

      and apparently womp womp you have no clue about black women either. We too call ourselves the N word and say racial slurs about opposite races so how do you think they see us when you talking the way you talking come on man chill out with that bull mess all people act or get ignorant including you so what makes you better than him live life to the fullest and stop worrying about what others say about others for real. to me the n word doesn’t refer to blacks it refers to anyone being foolish or ignorant that goes for any other race out there.

    • dude stop

  • sean coonery

    This is just the kind of fake-swag white boy sistas are flocking to in DROVES…a modern day minstrel without the blackface…don’t be fooled by the fake outrage

    • Arnesha Lanette Adams

      Nah not really i like a man to be himself not something he is not so no no no i dont like fake folks man or woman. lol

  • Arnesha Lanette Adams

    Yes she could have spoke up yes i do agree but then she would have started something and then what she could have lost her job just for politely telling him that she was offended about his comment. You have to think about it from the positive and negative side of what would have happened. Chris Rock had no right calling Independence day White Folks Day he too should have been checked so while jumping on a white person I feel anyone who is acting inappropriately should be pulled to the side and told that what they did, say or act was not appropriate. So why get on one race about what was inappropriate and not get on other races. If any other person from a different ethnic group said that shouldn’t they too be told about how inappropriate they did, or say. Words are words and if you cannot handle what a person says then that’s on you. There is no right or wrong answer just how situations should be handled. If anything someone just offended black folks on this forum and she should be checked for her racial comment about a pacific ethnic group.

  • j-beezle

    what is the appropriate level of misogyny for a rapper?
    *Endless hypocritical debate between jackasses ensues*

    • Arnesha Lanette Adams

      speak for yourself hun

  • Arnesha Lanette Adams

    For any black american we are strong and intelligent why let others make you belittle yourself by a few words or comments that offends you if you want to make a point do it by turning these negativity from those who oppressed, offend, disrespected etc and try to change how people of different ethnicities see you by one getting a good education, two improving your self esteem and finish what others who came before us has started for us to live together in harmony among all races not just our race and three help one another out in a time of need. Instead of saying rude ignorant belligerent disrespectful comments. Learn to rise above the hate and stop adding on to the hate of one race or other races. Everyone will be offended of what you say how you say it because they do not know you or understand what you are coming from but let it be and move on already say what you want to say negative or positive you will not stop my freedom to speak or say what is in my mind or heart whether you like it or not so if you cannot except criticism from anyone dont dish it out period. Agree to disagree and that is all i got to say. So if i see another negative comment about others being ignorant or anything else dont reply nor respond to what i have to posted period.

    • how are you even black if you get offended by white racial slurs? Answer that before you talk about real black people and how they should feel.

      • Arnesha Lanette Adams

        Number one son you do not know me so choose your words carefully two I am black i do not claim myself to be african american that itself offends me because i am not from their my ancestors before me was. I am a black american i do not need to be ignorant speak slang or act hood just to be black I do get offended because i am part irish so yeah it does offend me and it would still offend because I have white aunts in my family on my dads side. And my fiance is half white half black and so is my son. So i am black in my own way i do not need to explain to a nobody like you okay. Now back off me and leave me alone. I am an equal opportunity racist and i will say and do what i please as long as it is legal. And not disrespectful. I do not tolerate folks being racist period does not matter the color. Especially if you do not know nothing about them. I do not half of my race and other races who act, or are totally racist. And everyone is racist including you partner so sit on that one. And have a nice day.

  • noneofyobizness

    This is typical in America today. I use to like this rapper to but now that he has done similar to what Tommy Hilfiger did back years ago.. I will spread the word. Machine Gun Kelly enjoy your fame now because now you have opened up a can of worms..!! What a jackass..!!

  • ihateblackmen

    We do give the best head and I love suckin white boys off…can’t stand black men they all have AIDS anyways hate them all.

    • Arnesha Lanette Adams

      shoot i am starting to hate stupid black men also they think they know things and they do not. It is the same with some white, asian indian arabian it is half and half with folks

  • Wednesday

    All of you young people those 35 and under are doomed. You have no sense and really no future that will amount to anything. So glad I’m not a part of your generation. You’re disgusting and get dumber by the second.



  • ilovemyblackmen

    wow this hoe stupid under me

  • look i dont have a problem with black girls messin with white guys it keeps the black girls off our back when it comes to us messin with white girls. cant we all just be even? mgk was a lil off guard with that comment at BET about black women but im not hating on him for messin wit black girls.

  • Sanford Hall

    Dude is crazy. Give him a beer and he would talk some more.

  • Sniper5

    Ladies, you wanted a man with (Swag) right? There you have it! You get what you ask for. Dont be mad now!

  • cassie

    AHAHAHAHAHAH. this is why i love him.

  • ?!

    Don’t people realize no matter if its the best compliment in tab world, a joke or a true insult…black people will always fins a prob with it. Enough with the race card

  • Don June Says White Women “Give The Best Head” ….

    • Don June Says White Women “Give The Best Head” ………….

  • bmm

    I don’t see what the problem is. Take it as a joke and move on. If he said it about white girls, black would complain. It’s a non-black person showing his version of appreciation for black women. Who cares.

  • pinecone

    And I was told by a black man that black women don’t like to give head. He said that’s the reason some black guys like white women.

  • Kia4ever21

    I’m a black woman and, I love MGK, he’s awesome and, his daughter is adorable! His comments didn’t offend me but where he was and, who he was talking to wasn’t sutible for the event at hand.

  • He isnt wrong.. lol

  • zeus

    Why do black people feel they always need to have a white person involved in everything we do??? Why is he even there??? Do we feel validated in having white people in the mix?