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8 Racist Cartoons Targeting President Obama [PHOTOS]

Photo: Filthy Graduer

The Oklahoman made President Obama the focus of their racist and s-xist cartoon, depicting Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor as a  piñata in 2009.

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  • youdontnomyname

    You cannot entertain ignorant people. There’s going to be racist people till the end of time.

  • Team Nymphis


  • justanotherone

    I guess I should not be amazed, I’m definitely not shocked anymore. People who like to think of themselves as intelligent need to have what’s offensive and disrespectful explained to them. Freedom of speech should always be protected. But if you can’t give an intelligent reason for why you’ve done something obviously insulting, it isn’t excused just because the second amendment is invoked.

  • Ernie Menard

    Only a couple of those cartoons were what a reasonable person would consider racist.

  • Scandinavian passer-by.

    Stupid people shouldn’t read cartoons.