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8 More Highly Anticipated Hip-Hop Moments (That Will Probably Never Happen)


The release of Dr Dre’s mythical third album.

The return of OutKast.

A leaked video of Nicki Minaj’s cakes unsheathed.

There are several numerous moments in Hip-Hop that fans have been waiting for, but probably won’t get a chance to lay their eyes on. Unfortunately promises are made to be broken, and our favorite rappers often seem to adhere to this principle more than others.

Hip-Hop Wired already brought you 10 Highly Anticipated Hip-Hop Moments That Will Probably Never Happen, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. In our second installment of isht you have been hoping for, that you can probably give up all hope on, here are eight more Hip-Hop happenings that you probably should not hold your breath waiting for…


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Photos:  Chi Modu, et. al.

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  • jhsting32

    Lauryn has grown and she doesn’t have to fit or adhere to your standards. I loved the Unplugged album, people have different tastes. I applaud her for being genuine in her artistry by not trying to conform to what others want!