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Another day, another white person drops the N-bomb and will inevitably cop pleas and say something like, “Hey, it’s just the lyrics, okay?” California rock band Faith No More deemed it necessary to cover Jay-Z and Kanye West’s hit single “Ni**as In Paris.” So while reciting Kanye West’s verse–they’ve been doing so while on tour in Europe–lead singer Mike Patton evidently saw it essential to recite the “What’s Gucci my ni**a” lyrics without bothering to edit himself. 

We can argue until we’re blue in the face about why this is a faux pas, but inevitably the factions will split between “Don’t use the word ever, white people” and “Hey’s it’s just a song, what’s the big deal?” You would think that the general controversy that arises in all previous examples, most recently actress and Jay-Z bff Gwyneth Paltrow’s “‘Ni**as In Paris’ for real” tweet, that we wouldn’t have to bring this issue up again, and again, and again.

Here’s my personal take; The word is not for you. So why are so thirsty to use it? Not using the word will also void any such “ni**a” vs. “ni**er” struggle excuses as well.

But such disregard for hazy gray areas of racism is what happens when a song titled “Ni**as In Paris” becomes a worldwide hit.

It’s also interesting how Rolling Stone posted the clip with no mention of the singer using the N-word.

Where do you stand?






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