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Shawnna ft. Chella H – “Big And Fat” [VIDEO]


Shawnna can rhyme. For real. Don’t let getting left off Ludacris’ ill-fated Battle of the S-xes album fool you. But that’s probably not going to be the topic of conversation when discussing her new video for “Big And Fat,” featuring Chella H. The song’s chorus will enlighten you to the plumpness that is the tune’s subject matter.  “I got my hair all down my back, A$$ big and fat,” she raps/coos.

A few years back Shawnna left Disturbing Tha Peace and signed on with T-Pain’s Nappy Boy label. What she’s done since hasn’t gotten much fanfare but the Chicago native just dropped a new mixtape called She’s Alive. As for the video, there are a lot of gyrating cakes, lez-b-honest scenarios and thirsty looking dudes; but luckily the emphasis is on the thick bodied women. Shawnna has never been much of a tomboy, but the clip still seems over the top.

Feminist Hip-Hop fans, what do you think of Shawnna’s new video? Watch the Open World Films directed “Big And Fat” below.


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  • OverTheDumbness

    Sooo…y’all decided to ignore the obvious? Thats Deelishis in the video right?


      I noticed before even watching the video….


    Wow, I guess SHAKING YOUR ARSE in a video whether its a man’s VIDEO or A WOMAN’s video is how to get NOTICED, HUH???…..SMDH!!!!

  • jrzsfnst609

    You know Deelisishis is running w/ her 15 minutes of fame..

  • Shayla Love

    This is coonery and ignorance..

  • Nic

    Oh well she said it herself “high class hood rat”. The trouble is that is not a compliment lol!. We wont argue with that. Willie from day 26 was in the video too. We see you!

  • ajustinmoore

    So many fails… Deelishis as an extra, bragging about being a high class hood rat, shaking FAKE hair around as if it’s to be admired, gettin it in with strippers (just, yuck), bragging about fat butts (that are probably ‘fat’ b/c those women have children–which opens up a brand new jar of FAIL). This is Buddy Guy’s daughter for f**ks sake! This is the best she can do?! Wow…

  • Cody80

    Shawwna needs to have several seats. She’s mid-late thirties with two teenage kids and still trying to blow up as a rapper!? I guess going gay is the new fad, especially to sell records. This is why the black community is failing. We get what we deserve because this is the type of image we honor and promote.

  • PleaseGET REAL

    Im sorry h0res but YOUR HAIR IS FAKE!!!! And to add insult to injury youre music is STANK and your a$$ is too. Hasnt KIM KARDASHIAN put you h0res in your place to show you who runs it??? Your black men are GONE, they dont care about your FAKE hair being down your big fake a$$ or you being a hood rat, and we ALL know NO OTHER RACE OF MEN will be caught in public with you for fear of embara$$men so the BEST thing you can do is prepare for a lifetime of loneliness and to try to get educated because Black men rather give their money away to NON-BLACK WOMEN.

  • BigHitter1

    Everybody wants to be a hoe nowadays

  • TheTypeYouWife

    Seeing that I just received the link to this video. I said I wasn’t gonna comment because sitting on blogs is not my thing. But I felt the need to do today. Maybe because I know Shawnna or maybe because I’m in in Entertainment Event Planning business and I see this type of….. how can i say this….. misconception everyday. But I felt compelled to respond to a few of your comments. PLEASE feel free to comment back, I love open discussions.