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When The Money Goes: 8 Rappers Who Turned To A Life Of Crime (And Got Caught)


It’s hard to tell from their boastful lyrics and gaudy music videos, but truth be told, the majority of these rap cats aren’t about that millionaire lifestyle. In actuality most struggle rappers are just struggling to sell enough records to pay back the label and the companies with whom they have rented cars, clothes and jewelry. And that’s while they are still getting a little rap paper.

When their popularity wanes, the show money stops rolling in and the royalty checks cease to appear, many artists are forced back to the streets from whence they came. In order to keep their dignity and a semblance of the lifestyle they once had (or lied about having), some of them choose to get money the best way they know how, the illegal way.

Here are eight rappers who were forced to get it how they lived once their time (and money) in the rap industry had faded out…


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  • Damn I think it’s better to never have, than to have and lose it all.obviously they couldnt take it, everybody can’t be Nino Brown

    • Austin112

      Agree! Most of these rappers lie so much that they start to believe themselves, and this is what happens

  • nyooooo

    They want to frame him cause he converted to islam … Illuminati perverts !

  • TooReal

    Not surprised!These same idiots you hear now will be broke and unheard in five years, if they live so long,blowing money on drugs,stripclubs,so-called entourage,baby-mamas,jacked-up contracts[for every $1.00 they make their record label is making a $100.00] not paying taxes etc.instead of trying to get some kind of legit business sense and realize this,no too dumb and zooted.Guess what I dont feel sorry for them, bunch of sell-outs anyway!

  • What about John Forte?

    • thats what i was thinking…

    • Omegap

      Yeah i was thinking that too,also Mysonne.

  • Tiger Lilly

    Who are these guys? These are artists that I have never heard of even though I am a rap fan. This article is intentionally misleading, feeding into a stereotype that many people want to believe. I’m sure we could find 8 members of garage bands who released one CD who reverted to a life of crime after their career never really took off. Seriously, I have never heard of these guys or their one “hits” so the perception that the average reader is left with is that they were successful rappers who blew their money on ‘strip clubs and baby mammas’. The truth is, the rap industry artists pioneered insuring the retention of most of their own profits through publishing/performing/mastering/management rights.

    • mrscookie

      Amen! i totally agree that this article is misleading. i even tried to look c.e.b up on youtube to see if maybe listening to one of their songs would refresh my memory….nothing. the gorilla black dude i kinda remember his name but the song, i’ve never heard.

  • The G.O.D


    Who are these guys? obviously being a fan does not mean that you know hip-hop, those ‘guys’ are responsible for the birth of any and all Mcs/rappers in Philly, from Bahamedia to Bean and Freeway et al. Outside of New York, they were the only crew poppin’ remember the industry was not as cluttered and only people with talents were accepted then; now you have hundred of ‘rappers’ (smirk) with no talents saying the same thing over the same boring beats and ‘fans’ think they are gods or something. Lean the history then you’ll understand why hip-hop has lost its soul and purpose.


    • if you never heard of steady b & cool c, YOU ARE NOT A REAL ORGINAL HIP HOP FAN, just a nu sckool pop rap fan,,please go study,hip hop!!!..

  • disqus_71jc6t2C8c

    this article is a bunch of crap i listened to hip hop sence the 80’s and these mc’s are nothing they lasted few weeks or max few months in the game , whit one or few songs wouldnt even call them a mc.. nice try media.

  • if you never heard of steady b & cool c, you dont know hip hop, please go study hip hop.. just nu sckool poprap..