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Colorado Massacre Killer James Holmes Made Racial Remarks About Rap, Lil Wayne


There is no country for James Eagan Holmes. More details are emergeing about the 24 year-old, former PhD student who allegedly dressed like the Joker during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises and opened fire in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado; shooting and killing 12 while injuring dozens of others. Reuters reports that Holmes lived a generally nondescript life, even having to work at McDonalds for a bit after being unable to land a gig after graduating from the University of California-Riverside. He also appears to have hated rap music, particularly Lil Wayne, and Black people.

When not in school, Holmes would sometimes hang out on the stoop of his building, located in a part of Aurora where drugs and gunshots were not uncommon, according to one neighbor.

Police arrived at the apartment on Friday to find it booby-trapped with sophisticated explosives, creating a hazard for law-enforcement and bomb squad officers who swarmed to the building.

Near the scene, another neighbor, Rachel Reed, 25, recalled seeing Holmes a number of times on the stoop, with his backpack. A couple of months ago she ran into him at the Zephyr, where she had put a Lil Wayne rap song on the jukebox.

Holmes disapproved, she said, preferring rock ‘n’ roll music. He came over and “made some racially charged comments about rap,” she said.

“He seemed like he was a normal dude,” she said. “He was a little buzzed.”

Yeah, totally normal. This psychopath needs to be buried ALL the way under the jail.

Our condolences go out to the families of all of the victims in this tragedy.


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Photo: AP

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  • kensmith

    So he has good taste in music. So what?

  • Tay

    So Not Liking Wayne Is Considered Being A Racist ? . I Mean He Could Be But Idc Because At The End Of The Day This Doesn’t Help w/ Why He Killed Innocent People.

    • He sure didn’t seem to discriminate when it came to his shooting targets

      • Charles

        By far, most of the victims were white. Doesnt seem like he hated blacks anymore than anyother race.

    • Guest

      They said he made “RACIAL CHARGED COMMENTS” moron. He could have said he didn’t like rap but instead he brought race into shyt.

  • Rap Sucks

    Lil Wayne is a stupid monkey

    • Sugie_BK_Chick

      Can’t argue with that! Shucking and jiving with leopardprint tights. Lol

  • $LÅC

    In da video “my homies still” by lil Wayne he’s in a movie theatre nd there’s 12-14 skeletons in da seats Wayne predicted it! Crazy sh¡t

    • Elvis Pretzelfb

      No, he didn’t. It was nothing but a mere coincidence.

  • Mcgrady

    Rock and roll was invented by blacks though

  • A nerdy white guy doesn’t like rap music and made racial statements? Shocking…

  • Adrian Khan (The Soca Warrior)

    That white boy is just like the majority of whites.They think Rock was created by Elvis and the BEAtles.I’m sure his head would explode if he knew the truth.

    • Kraftwerk

      And you must be like the majority of blacks. You think those dope beats in rap music were created by Afrika Bambaataa, when the reality was they were created by 3 dorky white guys in Germany.

      As for rock, the majority of people who listen to rock are as uneducated as people who listen to rap or country. Quite possibly three of the most unrefined target demographics in music.

  • Speculating

    Why are they referring to him as if he’s the one that died since everything about him is in past tense?