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Colorado Victim Files First Lawsuit Over Movie Theater Shooting


Less than one week after the shooting massacre in Aurora, Colorado, the first lawsuit has emerged. Torrence Brown Jr., one of the patrons who was at the theater when gunman James Holmes opened fire on a room full of innocent people, was not injured in the incident, but has plans to file a civil suit, reports TMZ.

One of Brown’s close friends was shot and killed during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises at the Century 16 Theater, last Friday (July 20). Citing “extreme trauma” from the rampage, Brown has hired lawyer, Donald Karpel. He will take legal action against the theater for being “negligent” by not arming the front emergency door which Holmes is believed to have entered through, Holmes’ doctors for failing to “properly monitor” him, and Warner Bros. Pictures, who distributed the film. “Somebody has to be responsible for the rampant violence that is shown today,” Kerpell told TMZ. However, being that Holmes probably didn’t actually see the film—since it opened the night of the shooting— the latter part of Brown’s lawsuit may not have legs.

Holmes made his first court appearance Monday (July 23), looking disheveled and unable to comprehend the proceedings. While he is not scheduled to be arraigned on murder charges for several weeks, Holmes may use an  insanity plea as a defense for his actions.

Prosecutors are expected to seek the death penalty in the case.


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  • Gloria


  • Jett L.

    Fact: we as individuals have the right to go and enjoy ourselves at a movie theater. Fact: There should have been an alarm on exit door to alarm the proper authorities … Those doors are only to be used as fire exits. Here in Michigan and Ohio I know for a fact that you cannot open any EXIT DOORS without an alarm going off.
    11 minutes ago · Like

    • Keenan

      The fire exit doors are there for emergency and BY LAW don’t require an emergency sound system. People would set of the entire theater’s alarms everyday if they had an alarm system that went off just by doors being opened. This greedy shmuck wants to profit of this tragedy, and I hope he goes bankrupt.

  • Jrbareit

    Fact…..In America we blame everyone for someone elses action. Damn it people, sue the person responsible….James Holmes. No we wont do that because he has no money….everyone is looking for a quick payday.

  • Keenan

    What a greedy bag of douche. He (like many vultures and money grubbers) will take ANY opportunity to find non-existent fault with anything associated with a tragedy JUST for the profit. He got a publicist and hired suits already… sick.

  • Kingkrikkit (Kristopher)

    Im sorry no matter what anyone says, this guy is justlooking for a paycheck… I think the only person responsible for this shooting is Holmes himself, and he will be punished a she should in the eyes of the law, no lawsuit is will bing him any further justice… WB, the theatre and the Dr.s trying to say his friends life are not responsible and he should be ashamed of himself for even filing this suit.