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I Got A Story To Tell: 10 Of Hip-Hop’s Biggest Snitches, Allegedly


Jimmy Henchman allegedly snitched on Associates, Wyclef’s Driver, Wyclef

In 2011, the FEDS indicted Hip-Hop mogul James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond on charges that he ran a $10 million a year drug ring. After a month long manhunt, he was apprehended. Then, according to authorities, he started dropping dimes like Chris Paul, offering a Proffer Agreement in exchange for time shaved off his inevitably lengthy sentence. Henchman reportedly detailed aspects of his operation and admitted to prosecutors that the majority of his income was derived from illegal means. He also admitted to loaning Wyclef drug money and selling the rapper’s driver several kilos of dope, as well as using Interscope’s offices do make drug drops.

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  • Sicofcrime

    Why in the world did I read this silly story?

  • bre

    Wasted time reading this

  • Big Steve

    Am I the only one who noticed that it’s east coast fools doing all the snitching???

    • jojoe BoC

      I agree with you!

  • the informant

    Where is the p.diddy and shine incident?

  • jojoe BoC

    This is a somewhat useless article

  • dac

    automatically playing audio ads is a deal breaker.

  • Fatus fee

    Defense a must mixtape coming October 2012

  • a real ma?@$ker

    Little Wayne is the wackest rapper, sh?t……he ain’t even a rapper, I don’t know Wat the Hell he saying half the time…..and Wat i really don’t understand how the east coast Dj’s sold out like that and all they do is SPINN there records…..hip hop has gotten WACK !!! Y don’t yall play some up north east coast rappers sh?t……..sell outs !!!

  • dorf

    you forgot snoop for snitching on suge knight for biggie murder

    • Juice

      when did this happen?

  • Stay Frosty

    Muerto Inc members
    You might wanna fix that one.

  • Jennifer

    “After appearing on 60 Minutes in ignorantly starch support of the “No Snitching” movement…”, starch really, don’t you mean staunch???

  • Aaron

    What was the point of this article??


    Does dry snitching count? Because i coulda swore 2pac dry snitched on the Bad Boy staff in his diss record Hit Em Up (who shot me, but you punks didn’t finish)