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Today is Barack Obama’s 51st birthday, and no matter how you feel about his performance as President of the United States, he is one cool dude. While running a country whose bipartisan shenanigans makes real progress a grind at its fastest, Obama has still managed to pass healthcare reform, brought our troops home from Iraq and, let’s not forget, blessed Osama bin Laden with the fatal fade, among other accomplishments. All while looking like your buttery smooth uncle instead of an old fogie hoarding his loot in off shore bank accounts (shots, oh well.)

In honor of Obama’s born day, we compiled photos of the U.S. citizen (yes, really) going about his highly stressful daily business with an effortlessness that is all Hip-Hop. Yeah, his Spotify playlist left much to be desired (it’s an election year), but Obama is one of us. Think: Walking with kings without losing the common touch, to paraphrase Rudyard Kipling. See the evidence in the gallery. 


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