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I Do: 10 Songs Rappers Dedicated To The Women In Their Lives


Let’s just be real, rarely do rappers talk about women in an endearing fashion. And it’s even rarer to see a woman being shown in a positive light in rap music videos. When the consensus way of thinking among many rhyme peddlers involves false aphorisms like “money over b#tches” and “bishes ain’t ish,” it’s not hard to see why.

But females don’t always get the raw deal. Mama’s have gotten their props over the years with dedications like Tupac’s “Dear Mama” and Goodie Mob’s “Guess Who,” among others. And many artists show their mom dukes’ off at events and special occasions. But rarely have artists put their heart in their lines when it comes to their significant other. Wives and girlfriends are mostly kept behind the scenes and out of songs. Except when it comes to these rappers.

Here are 10 songs rappers wrote and dedicated to their number one…


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  • James

    03 Bonnie and Clyde by Jay and Beyonce is a Tupac cover of “Me and My Girlfriend” from 1996.

  • busty

    Another boring useless pointless “article”!!!!!!!

  • Kenny Laveau

    Cool post Mr.Coleman. I feel like rappers dedicating songs to their moms has almost become a sort of cliche…its only really interesting when there a unique story to be told. Anyways, this post included mostly songs for ppl who they were dating – good compilation. Which is your favorite? the Nas song?

  • kev ellison

    what a dumb list. how could you forget “The Light” by Common?? He’s done the best “love” hip hop songs. HHwired stays poppin out lame lists