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I Do: 10 Songs Rappers Dedicated To The Women In Their Lives


Papoose – “My Girl”
Dedicated To: Remy Ma

A match made in Hip-Hop. Remy and Pap were seeing each other before she got popped for popping a former friend but even jail bars didn’t stop the couple from conjoining before she started her bid. Shortly after Remy began her sentence, Poose releasde this touching dedication to his locked down lady.

Bars for Remy: “If I could talk to the judge I’d let her know, I wish she could lock me up and let you go.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kL2LqMdx3g4]

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  • James

    03 Bonnie and Clyde by Jay and Beyonce is a Tupac cover of “Me and My Girlfriend” from 1996.

  • busty

    Another boring useless pointless “article”!!!!!!!

  • Kenny Laveau

    Cool post Mr.Coleman. I feel like rappers dedicating songs to their moms has almost become a sort of cliche…its only really interesting when there a unique story to be told. Anyways, this post included mostly songs for ppl who they were dating – good compilation. Which is your favorite? the Nas song?

  • kev ellison

    what a dumb list. how could you forget “The Light” by Common?? He’s done the best “love” hip hop songs. HHwired stays poppin out lame lists