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Mitt Romney may be running out of bones to pick. The presidential candidate released a new campaign ad  Thursday (Aug. 9) continuing his attacks on Obama’s health care reform, by calling the plan a “war on religion.”

The ad, which features footage of the presidential hopeful’s disastrous campaign trek to Poland, asserts that “Obamacare” forces religious institutions to “go against their faith.” In further driving home the issue, Romney ended his ad by asking what he must think is the million dollar question:  “When religious freedom is threatened, who do you want to stand with?”

Romney’s conclusion of a religious attack, came as a result of the January announcement from the Department of Health and Human Services requiring that employers offer contraception through their health insurance plans. The move upset Republicans, and religious leaders alike, including Catholics who do not believe in the use of contraception.

Following the public backlash, the president released an amendment to the rule in February, no longer making it mandatory for religious affiliated hospitals and universities to provide contraceptive services. “As we move to implement this rule, however, we’ve been mindful that there’s another principle at stake here— and that’s the principle of religious liberty. As a citizen and as a Christian, I cherish this right.”

According to a March poll conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute, 54 percent of Americans agreed that hospitals and colleges affiliated with a religious faith should be required to offer health care that covers contraception.

In June, the Supreme Court ruled to uphold Obama’s health care plan.





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