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Meek Mill Thinks Rappers Are “Shying Away” From “Real” Topics [VIDEO]


Meek Mill has yet to drop his debut, but he already has some choice words for other rappers in the game. The Philly native unleashed his observations while speaking with San Franciso radio station Wild 94.9, and inadvertently called out other MCs for not having much to rap about. “A lot of people have been shying away from the real rapping in Hip-Hop. I’m really representing,” he explained. “When I come out with my album, I want to have a classical album, [an] Illmatic, a Hard Knock Life, a Get Rich or Die Tryin’ type, a Hip-Hop album.”

Born Robert Rahmeek Williams— Meek went on to explain the origin of his rap moniker. “My friend gave me that name, he used to call me Meek Millions back in the day when we was little kids, so I just cut it shorter.”

With his new found notoriety getting stronger by the day, the Maybach Music rapper spoke on how his every move is now followed, and sometimes scrutinized by the public, like in the case of a local pastor who launched a boycott against his music. Meek and the pastor squashed their beef, following a heated verbal squander live on the radio, but if nothing else, the situation was a lesson in how much things have changed for the once underground rhymer. “You ending up on the blogs over the smallest thing you’re like  ‘I must be really getting famous,'” he said. “I tend to try to ignore it and just live a regular life.”

As Hip-Hop Wired exclusively reported, the 25-year-old’s Dreams & Nightmares release was pushed back to late October. According to Meek, the new official date will be announced “in a few days.”


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  • Fatus fee

    Fatus fee, Christian rich and Tatted Dre think music needs real topics to be spoken on

  • Fatus fee

    Fatus fee remember artist like big L ,Tupac, and Notorious Big they talked about life

  • Myke Tea

    I like meek, but all he raps about it’s jewelry, hoes, and cars, just like 99% of the rappers do these days. He has little room to talk…

  • MsOno

    @Myke…. I was going to say the same thing! If he raps about his Rolex one more time…smh

  • nekdog

    We really need more substance in music from everyone cause the people listening and buying music must people don’t have a beemer benz or bentley and all the money so unless u want to get jacked please make something everyone can relate to! THAT REAL!!