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Arkansas Police Maintain That Chavis Carter Committed Suicide While Handcuffed [VIDEO]


Police in Jonesboro, Arkansas have completed their investigation into the death of Chavis Carter, and have concluded that he somehow killed himself while handcuffed. Carter was pulled over in late July, and placed in the back of a police car on an outstanding warrant stemming from a previous drug charge. Officers claims that after he phoned his girlfriend informing her that he would call her once he got to jail, and was put in the back of the squad car, he committed suicide.

There were two other men with Carter, who were White. Although they were all pulled over together, officers let both men go.

“Quite frankly I’ve seen some of our people in custody do some amazing things,” Jonesboro Police Chief Michael Yates told CNN. “The average person that’s never been in handcuffs, that’s never been around inmates and people in custody would react exactly the same way: ‘How could that be possible?’ When the fact of it is, it’s very possible, and it’s quite easy.”

Carter was searched twice by cops who found no weapons. They assert that he not only shot himself while handcuffed, but managed to wound himself in the right temple, despite being left-handed.

The FBI is looking deeper into the young man’s death. Carter’s mother, Teresa, has also spoken out about her son’s death, and believes that he was killed by police.



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  • kim

    i hope the feds do a thoro investigation cuz i don’t how what they claim is possible, not to mention the obvious question of where did he get a gun in the 1st place??? please continue to cover this story,, its only through public attention and outrage that this young man will get any justice.

  • Daniel Asamota

    For anyone to believe this cock’n’bull story they would have to be off their fuckin’ rockers! This man was murdered by the Jonesboro police! Jonesboro has been trying for years to keep their race problem under wraps for years for it’s well-known in Jonesboro that after 7pm blacks aren’t permitted entry into restarants or stores the reasoning being they are the ones most likely to rob a place. It’s time the lid be blown off of the Jim Crow policies still being illegally practiced in Jonesboro and a Federal investigation needs to be made into this boy’s murder!

  • of course he was killed by police…cowardly police