Prepping up for his latest project, Summer Games: The Game With The Golden Pen, The Kid Daytona gives us his new single “Copy, Copy” featuring Jon Connor. With an impenetrable Teflon swagger, Daytona lets the haters know he’s only “concerned with the homies that he come with,” and anyone outside his six figure circumference is considered cheap talk and loose change. Although Kid Daytona certainly held his own, Jon Connor d*mn near took the spotlight with his Jeffrey Dahmer, show-stealing entrance. Still obviously fresh from his recently released mixtape, While You Were Sleeping, Connor goes from hungry to famish to cannibalistic in a matter of mili-seconds  and bodies, no, close coffins the track with a rapid-fire, tongue-twisting verse. But, of course, that’s just my opinion. I’ll let you be the judge.

Kid Daytona’s new project Summer Games: The Game With The Golden Pen is slated for release this coming Monday, August 20. Listen after the jump.


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