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Bow Wow Says “F**k” His Underrated Album…And Its Release Date


Bow Wow is going through some professional changes with his forthcoming Underrated album, and has decided to put the project on the back burner– for the time being. The Cash Money rapper is unhappy with the progress made promoting the release and used Twitter to reveal his discrepancies, Wednesday (Aug. 15). “Doing everything on my own. No help from nobody. Going to radio dolo going to da clubs f-k’n wit dj’s dolo. So when i win im thankn myself.”

The 25-year-old dropped the track “We In Da Club” earlier this month, but apparently his focus is now on his Underrated tour, rather than his Cash Money debut. “Sh-t so f-cked up maaan.. I swear,” he continued. “Im tryna stay focused but its like at this point ‘F-ck that album’ & F-ck a release date. Im doin shows..on tour my shows is sell’n out. Im able to feed my fam and do what i do. Thats whats important. Dis album has fallen to 9th place on my list.”

In April, Bow told Hip-Hop Wired that Underrated shows his growth, and explained his decision to align with Cash Money. “I just really wanted to group myself with guys that I knew,” he said. “It wasn’t even about what they were doing. It was about me feeling comfortable because I always considered me to be who I am in my own right, I stand alone regardless, I just needed a home.”

With those explosive tweets out in the atmosphere, his label situation may be a little awkward if nothing else.

On a positive note, his tour is selling out around the country. Keep ya head up Bow.


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  • ChildofGod

    You know, it’s sooo sad of how young brothers like him will do anything for a piece of FAME. Anything to get on that record label. It’s so sad. smh…. When he first came to the game, he’s been raped by his limo driver (rumor or not) and it’s still bothers him until this day… I’m still asking myself a question, where was his mother??? seriously, where was she at when that incident happen??? where was snoop??? where was jd?? is anyone going to help this guy??? Bow Wow, weezy, whatever you call yourself now, all i’m going to tell you is this and i been reaching you on facebook for quite sometime about how wicked this Industry is…… If it’s getting under your skin, WALK OUT brother… WALK OUT. It’s not too late. I think it’s about time you need to make a announcement, and tell everybody i’m going to retired. What is your problem young man??? Are you afraid you going to back to the old bow wow??? Are you afraid that you going to lose your fans, your industry friends, your groupies??? It really shows about the Mark of the Beast. It’s not just a chip. It’s a mind control of a person. Seriously what’s the problem? You claim you got all this money. Walk out boo. Go home, take care of your family, you got a kid now take care of her. Leave this Hollywood for good. If you can’t leave the limelight then fine become a actor. This time do this full time. That’s all i’m going to say. All you fans out there you guys are sick. You see this young man is going through pain but yet you guys cheering for him. Do you think you pleasing God by supporting his foolishness, albums. Think about it???. You guys need Jesus really bad….. As for Bow stop worrying about what people think of you. WHO CARES as long as you free that’s all it matters dude. Peace.