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Rihanna Appears On Oprah’s Next Chapter – Full Interview [VIDEO]


We’ve already seen clips of a teary eyed Rihanna’s appearance on Oprah’s Next Chapter. Tonight (August 19th), the entire interview aired on OWN and here it is for you to peep in case you missed it or want to revisit. A lot of people were asking, “Why does Chris Brown have to come up?” It just does. Safe bet even more people would have been irate if Oprah Winfrey had not asked Rih Rih about that fateful night involving Chris Breezy laying his hands (and vice versa) on the Bajan Pop star, and its aftermath.

“Nobody’s going to say he needs help,” said the woman born Robyn Rihanna Fenty. “Everybody’s going to say he’s a monster without looking at the source … and I was more concerned about him,” she said. “I lost my best friend. Everything I knew switched, switched in a night and I couldn’t control that. It’s not easy for me to understand or interpret, and it’s not easy to interpret on camera, not with the world watching.”

Check out Rihanna’s full interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter after the break.

[Spotted at Mr. World Premiere]


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Photo: OWN
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  • Re

    What’s wrong with the sound

  • matrieya

    This is nothing but propaganda for her upcoming blasphamy of an album. Team damage control from her spring and summer of drug use and whoring. Don’t fall for the okie doke.

    • talkthattalk09

      you mad huh?

      • Mina

        Oh she’s mad alright.

    • Shame on you, we really did not need your hateful nonsense after such a warm and beautiful interview ” We all want love” If you don’t like her don’t listen and don’t watch her and pour your pestilence over our good vibes and happiness. Find a God of Love, and worship at his alter.

    • Cindy


  • I’m glad she was able to tell her story it’s hard to lose something someone you love and if you have never been in love then you never know the feeling! We shouldn’t judge her and before seeing this I did judge bc I’m from Va and Chris is from here I knew his story I just feel like she is young and will in time from her path in her personal life…so before you judge remember God is Love and if he is for Us who can be against Us!!

  • Shelly

    Thank you guys sooo much for uploading this video on your page so we can see the interview in germany, too!! I really appreciate it

  • Keisha Simone

    I think by watching this interview made me really respect & love rihanna more than just being a fan of her music. She reveals that nobody is perfect and no matter how much money you have we are ALL still human. We need more people like that in this world.

  • brownlove

    i am happy that rihanna got to share her story and set the record straight. i hope that she gets a chance to live her life and be happy.

  • Wow! That is the most honest and real interview I have ever seen by a celebrity of her status. Pure realness, pure honest from the heart answers. Answers that are brutal with vulnerability showing a deep understanding of self. Robyn/Rihanna is a courageous woman. Chris Brown sure does not deserve her and very few men do. She should heed the words of her grandmother and find man that loves her more than she does.

  • Cateeelyn

    omg..this interview made me realize even more how much i love and respect rihanna :)))

  • Mina

    Having listened to the testimony of other women who have been abused by their significant others I can say that Rihanna’s story is not typical. She chose not to stay. Many women do. She chose to forgive him. Many women remain crippled in their lives post abuse. I have always liked her and while I did not need to see this interview to admire her I am really glad that of all the fluff interviews Oprah does this was one that I can say was of some use. Young women should pay attention to what she says about her father. That is especially important.

  • Cindy

    I wish her the best of luck. I think she is a msart chic with am even brighter future ahead. The fact that she is able to forgive is HUGE! I love and respect her. Whatever he decision is at this point, one must respect. I think that both she and Chris have grown and that if its what they want then let love prevail between them. CUUUTTIIIEEESS!!!!!

  • linda

    We shouldn’t judge her and before seeing this I did judge bc I’m from Va
    and Chris is from here I knew his story I just feel like she is young
    and will in time from her path in her personal life..I
    am beautiful woman and I love good man…..inter racial romance is my dream… so I
    joined —blackwhitеPlanet.С0M—–it’s where
    to- connect with beautiful and excellent people!She reveals that nobody is perfect and no matter how much money you have
    we are ALL still human. We need more people like that in this world.

  • I’m very impress with this ineview, It showed a different side to Rihanna We see the glamed of celebs and the red carpet, Pictures and so on,Theyre portrayed in a different light, Where they get mistaken for being and looking perfect, Cause thats how the business make them look for an image. They’re not perfect, No one is. I loved how Rihanna talked about being on this road of fame it feels like she was very protected from this whole branded and machine,The label making her into this whole look and image. She even said how she didn’t know who she was at that age, Starting out at sixteen in the business. Then when she got much more in the business, She was able to be herself. I like how she wants everyone , Her fans to relate to her and her flaws, That she isn’t perfect, That she is a human like us. I think so many put celebs on such a huge map. Looking into their world, People forget that all celebs are people and they have feelings to. So many seemed so against Rihanna with the whole Chris Brown situation. I like that she set the record straight and that she was able to opened up about things that Oprah ask her. This showed a side to Rihanna that she has feelings to, She is human and has struggled with alot. I like also how she mention that she isn’t that comfortable in her skin being sexual. She seem like she is but it just shows that we shouldn’t judged celebs or anyone for that matter. She is in a business that wants the artists to have a image and get all glamed up but they have feelings to. Also I like that she looked so comfortable in the ineview. She looked so natural, Not alot of makeup on. She looked so beautiful. She was just a normal person, No eagle, No kind of celeb diva personality. I can tell this was her home and she felt good. I also liked how she was with her family at the end. Her mom said some great things about her. That surprised was nice to. I like how she learned alot from her mom and grandma. She said alot of great things about her grandma. Even though her grandma passing is sad but at the same time Rihanna have her always in her heart. Her grandma left something special that Rihanna will always carry with her. I don’t want to get star struck by celebs at all. I think everyone is special and have a talent. I just think god made it for some to express that talent in front of the whole world for a reason but then some has a gift but they’re not famouse but theyre still doing what they love. I think we all are people and we should all look at each other the same way. Like Rihanna said, She dont want her fans to feel that she is above them. She wants them all to know we all the same.

  • Oprah Winfrey needs to take a powder! It would seem she’s out to bash Chris Brown on the sly and beef up ratings for her failing network! This was a matter that was between two people and it should be settled between these two! Lots of couples have altercations and then they get right back together! Because they’re celebrities they have the scrutiny of the world on their backs and these ‘women’ forces trying to tell Rihanna what to do in her life! We all need to mind our own business and let these two work it out on their own!

  • 9:36 cute photo

  • Only someone who has experienced a love like hers understands exactly what she’s saying. I hope the best for you ri ri, love you lots xx