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Exclusive: DMX Responds To Drake’s “Rap vs. Singing” Diss, Talks Ruff Ryders Reunion [VIDEO]


When Drake crowned himself the only rapper to “successfully” mix rapping and singing, the Young Money rapper was raked over the social media coals—but not everyone was upset. While some, noted DMX, as one of the many artists to pave the way for Drake’s love of infusing harmony with his rap lyrics, the New York native is not quite ready to wear that label. “I never really thought about anything I did as singing,” X told Hip-Hop Wired before performing at Rock the Bells with Eve, Saturday (Aug. 18). Rather than inject himself in a potential rift, the 41-year-old explained why he tries to stay away from verbal warfare. “I’m not really concerned with what people say, I know who I am. It pushed me in neither direction.”

With rumors of a possible Ruff Ryder reunion album swirling in the atmosphere, X attempted to set the record straight. “That’s something that’s looked upon with joy,” he said of an RR album. “That’s always going to be a good idea.” As far as the logistics (like when, where, and how), those details are still “up in the air,” according to X.

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  • rosamo

    X is high AF!!!

  • BeenThereDoneThat

    Drake was the first rapper to carry a tune successfuly.

    • darnellarelong

      Bone thugs n harmony

      Ring a bell????

      • BeenThereDoneThat

        Oh you are right about that! How could I forget. They did it so well.

    • DréDay

      You don’t know your Hip Hop history. Google Kurtis Blow, “Daydreaming”

      • BeenThereDoneThat

        That might be true. I wasn’t even a sperm when that song came out. Well, ya learn somethin new everyday. Even if it’s old. 😉 You got any other ones?

      • akin

        So you’ve never heard of Lauryn Hill? You embody everything I suspected about Drake fans: pre-teens/teens with little knowledge of hip hop other than Drake. Google is your friend.

      • BeenThereDoneThat

        I am the same age as Drake, used to watch Degrassi on Noggin & could care less about Wheel Chair Jimmy. I am far more than u imagine me to be 😉

    • Xander

      Lauryn Hill ring a bell?

      • BeenThereDoneThat

        Someone already made that comment. Does that ring a bell?

    • kRaze09

      anyone can with auto-tune…

      • DN³

        not anyone..

  • busty

    Omg he looks terrible!!!!!! He is definitely on something! Why does he keep moving his tongue like that!! hopefully he will still be here by nxt year!!

  • Leciab27

    Is ole boy still on drugs??,, I thought I heard tell of him getting himself clean.. He ain’t looking are acting to clean here…

    • nah fatigue he’d just come off of stage performing jumping around and whatnot.

  • ANUBIS81


  • Red Star

    I love DMX! Nobody has that sound! Who in the devil is this inarticulate individual interviewing him?

  • Bone thugs n harmony…I am beautiful woman and I love good
    man…..inter racial romance is my dream… so I joined —blackwhitеPlanet.С0M—–it’s where to- connect
    with beautiful and excellent people!

  • bk4ever

    Missy elliott people did it better than drake

  • DMX IS NOT HIGH he’d just came off of stage with EVE and he performed his butt off. Dude is tired and has asthma.

  • Rappers been singing since Whodini & UTFO. I guess old school just doesn’t count though. Really!

  • Even Snoop sung, “ain’t nothin’ but a G thang baaabay” people don’t know squat, they just speak bull

  • WTF is up with these interviewers keep asking about drake, I know X is feeling annoyed with these boring questions. he’s gonna to get heated one day.

  • suddenly Puff Daddy is not singing? you is b@@st@rds are so condescending…

  • What has he been sniffing

  • angry_blackman80

    This dude is higher than the moon. DMX; WHAT HAVE YOUUUU BEEN SMOKING?

  • I hate when the interviewer is uninformed. Bone Thugs N Harmony were doing the singing thing before DMX. DMX wasn’t really known for singing, although he would do some somewhat melodic hooks on his song that only by a long stretch someone would call “singing.”

  • drankke

    homeboy’s on cr@ck

  • he look high as hell!

  • Jay

    “When Drake crowned himself the only rapper to “successfully” mix rapping and singing”

    He probably meant what i understood as the only rapper to mix them well in an album consistently. I’m conscious about my past in hip hop, but when I see ” only rapper to successfully mix” I think only solo artist to mix the two together on a single album which he is. I know their are artist that would’ve out done him, but since Lauryn only released 1 album, Missy and Ja Rule didn’t have a song when they were “singing” all the way through even though it had a singing/R&B vibe I don’t see anyone else who has done was Drake has.
    SN: I don’t understand why Bone-Thugs are being thrown around here, I could’ve sworn only 2 of them sing lol. Just Bizzy & Lazyie maybe even Wish IDK it’s not like they were the rapping Boyz 2 Men.

    • garlicbutter

      nice essay


    WOW- DMZ is high on something

  • JonV


  • Chill

    Cold Crush Brothers, Dr. Rock and Force MD’s, Goodie Mob, Latifah, Fugees, BDP, Jazzy 5, …on and on and on

  • Guy

    I love how you had to define logistics.

  • boogsmalone

    Damn bro HE is FKN WASTED!

  • what was the point of this video the person that asked this question thought she was gonna get another reaction WRONG…………

  • DN³

    It’s funny, because Drake claimed his favorite rapper was Phonte of the Foreign Exchange…who is also a good singer (in fact, sings BETTER than Drake) I guess that claim went straight out of the window.