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Lupe Fiasco Urges Fans To Boycott SPIN Magazine Over Negative “B-tch Bad” Review


Lupe Fiasco has been injecting messages into his songs ever since his star turn with his smash debut single “Kick Push” back in 2006. With the latest video for “B-tch Bad,” the latest single from his forthcoming Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap album, Lupe is once again using music as a means to incite a deeper conversation. Although well-received by fans across the social media sphere, longstanding music publication SPIN magazine hurled heavy criticism at the Chicago wordsmith over the song. Lupe Fiasco has reacted by urging his fans and supporters to boycott of SPIN, saying they should call for a “higher standard.”

Writer Brandon Soderberg, who helms SPIN’s Hip-Hop blog “No Trivia,” gave Lupe Fiasco’s video poor marks and didn’t mince words in his dissection of the piece.

From SPIN:

“B**ch Bad” is, to play Lupe’s game and get histrionic, how you “debase” a “culture.” You twist a rap song into poorly thought-out grab for attention, and give it a muddled video, all under the guise of “starting a conversation,” which implicitly suggests that rap music isn’t having these conversations already.

Lupe Fiasco defended himself via Twitter last Friday by calling the critique unfair and directly tweeting to Soderberg’s account. “And now that you have my attention @notrivia I intend to do my best to expose you and your publication 4 ur actions #BoycottSpinMagazine,” tweeted Lupe.

The fiery rapper has not only galvanized fans to change their Twitter avatars to a “Boycott Spin Magazine” logo, he has continued to rail against the magazine all weekend. Additionally, Lupe fans have also started an online petition replete with the boycott message.

Soderberg has seemingly relished the attention and even mentioned that the Lupe controversy has raised his profile. MTV News senior Hip-Hop writer Rob Markman also got into a brief exchange over Twitter with Soderberg after he defended the song, with the SPIN blogger hurling insults in Markman’s direction as a result. In one of his last salvos towards SPIN, Lupe tweeted, “U should b proud @notrivia I mean look at how ur words got ppl 2 exercise their 1st amendment rights! Today Spin 2morrow maybe world hunger!”

Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album is in stores September 25th. This story will continue to develop.


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  • Get’em Lupe…they are trying to make what you say disrespectful to Hip Hop. How is this possible? But the Music that incites, drugs, drug dealing, murder, coonism, death, abandonment of family, hore-ism and destruction, is good for the hip hop culture? I guess if this is the case, I understand why they are building “Hip Hop” prisons. Time to re-program thought.

  • Janay

    If you look at every single trend in black culture as of the past 20 or so years, it can be traced to a hip-hop artist who did it or spoke about it. TO say its art form is not the central most dominating power of influence for the black youth is the most slanderous lie the devil tried to pull. In a society of roughly 3 and 4 generations of fatherless homes, the black community is already weakened so if you divide that by rap musiq it makes a recipe for a poor state of the black community. THERE WILL BE NO ADVANCE MENT OF THE BLACK RACE UNTIL WE REFORM HIP-HOP. AS LONG AS KIDS GROW UP IN FATHERLESS HOMES AND COMPENSATE FOR LACK OF PARENTAL GUIDANCE BY WORSHIPPINGRAPPERS, THE BLACK RACE WILL FALL.

  • John

    Lupe is lame for this one. “Wah Wah they didn’t my video so I’m gonna boycott them” Grow up

  • Mitchells4213

    Lupe is on target with the “B-tch Bad” Video.

    I don’t need some random blogger to tell me what is right or wrong with it, when truth is spoken I can see it. Lupe spoke truth in that video.

    This Soderberg guy gave a corrupt review.
    Who’s SPIN magazine? I don’t read them.
    And now with them putting out this corrupt review, I’ll avoid them.
    Simple as that.