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Married Pastor Arrested For Infecting Female Church Members With HIV


A married Atlanta pastor has been accused of infecting several women belonging to his church with HIV. Pastor Craig Lamar Davis formerly of the Full Gospel Baptist Church in Atlanta is HIV positive but he didn’t let that hold up his intimate conquests.

Two women have pressed charges against Davis, and one has just recently come forward with her story.

Ronita McAfee, one of the women who slept with Davis, met him on Facebook, and was alerted of his health status when one of his ex-girlfriends called and told her she had HIV. Based on his actions, McAfee determined that Davis had no intentions of slowing down his appetite for women, prompting her to press charges against him.

McAfee also posted on warning about Davis on the church’s website.

After the investigation began, another female member of the church came forward to admit that she too had a physical relationship with Davis. The woman confided in church bishop, Steven Hall,  and claimed to have been celibate for 15-year-old before meeting Davis. She is now HIV positive.

Davis was arrested at a local Wendy’s for reckless conduct, and was denied then granted bail, which was posted by his wife.

Authorities suspect that there are other women who have been infected by Davis but have yet to come forward.


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  • am

    I’m confused. Why were these women sleeping with a married pastor? Plus they trusted him enough to not use protection. Black women what are we doing. Karma is something else.

  • RnRHs

    He’s a married pastor with HIV that knowingly infected people and was arrested at a Wendy’s. What a classy guy.

  • Empress K

    Wow! And these are the type of guys leading our churches!! Why is this pastor sleeping with other women when he’s fully married? And being HIV+ and just passing it along to the females and Males too. Read yesterday that 2 males from his church a 23 and 24 y/o are saying he infected them. Looks like we have another Eddie Long but this one is more extreme. God pls guide over them.

    • he has a ride or die chick cuz she posted bail!! wow

  • true

    Sleeping with the pastor was a life changing affect on all these women GOD has a way of showing you he’ll bring you down to your lowest to get your attention sad it was this way…smh

  • Whoa Dere.. Hop Off… BOI!

    i kno he was mad he got locked b4 he got that spicey chicken!

  • popepee

    Now the ole saying rings true “this is a shame before the Lord”

  • If you’re married why are you sleeping with a married man I blame them,

  • thetruth

    I’m not surprised. “Church folk” typically follow NONE of the precepts of christianity — forgiveness, humility, brotherhood, etc. So why would the pastors be trustworthy? The only thing these people follow without question is call “jeezus” by the bastardization of his actual name and showing his inage as white white white. Call him by his rightful name, or say that image is stupid, and you’re labeled some kind of kook or militant.

  • thetruth

    that’s “image” not “inage”

  • Child_Puhleez

    Filthy sluts press charges because he infected them?!?

    CLEARLY these hoes missed the scripture / parable about the man who was sent to jail for imprisoning his debtor; fresh from being released from his own debt?! WOW!!!!!

  • Child_Puhleez

    Sluts missed the sermon about reaping & sowing, and how when you dig a ditch you better dig two: one for them and one for you! LOL!!!! (Ok, I’ll stop! LOL!!!)