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Evelyn Lozada Compares Alleged Head-Butting Incident To Being A Rape Victim [VIDEO]


Evelyn Lozada opened up about the alleged head-butting incident that ended her marriage, comparing the backlash to that of a rape victim.  The Basketball Wives star’s violent reputation has cast doubt among some, believing that she perpetuated the altercation that led to her husband, Chad “Ochocino” Johnson being taken into custody.

In response to naysayers not believing her account, Lozada made a questionable comparison. “I understand it, but I also think that, it’s like saying ‘Well look at that woman. Look at what she had on, that’s why she got raped.’ she said on ABC’s Nightline, Friday (Aug. 31).”I just feel like it’s a little unfair. Whatever the perception of me is on Basketball Wives that doesn’t justify what happened that day.”

During the segment, the openly emotional mom lauded Johnson as a great father, and believes that he still loves her. She also confirmed that the whole thing erupted after she found a receipt for condoms belonging to Johnson, which he denied, after being confronted.

Following the assault, Lozada released a statement calling out Ocho’s refusal to take responsibility for his actions, while the former NFL player has yet to admit to the attack.

Nonetheless, Johnson, who has lost his position on the Miami Dolphins team, and had his financial issues exposed, doesn’t want sympathy. The wide-receiver wrote on Twitter that he has to “start over.”

The former couple has not had contact with one another, and with both sides offering different reactions to the incident, they may not be friendly anytime soon.

Lozada and Johnson met on Twitter, and were wed in July, just one month before the fight.

The couple’s reality show Ev & Ocho has since been canceled by VH1. Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin’s reality show Chrissy & Mr. Jones is said to have been moved up in its place.


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Photo: ABC News

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  • Something about her make me think she framed chad.

    • honeybhustle

      Bwahahahahhahahaha ! ! ! ! FRAMED HIM FOR WHAT ? ? ? Retaliation for hm getting busted CHEATING or for his FAILING FOOTBALL CAREER ? ?

  • WTF

    I don’t believe her one bit…Your “reality show” it is “real” right, proved you were 99% of the time the aggressor…correct me someone if I am wrong. She’s so tough and rough, but all of a sudden, she’s a poor helpless Mexican. And looking at the size of her dome, he too should be in need on stitches, if not looked into for bleeding on the inside. C’mon 12 minutes of that 15 minutes is all most up, thank GOD!

    • honeybhustle

      Your corrections, #1.) she’s not mexican she is Puerto Rican #2.) In 2000 Chad pleaded guilty to slapping his girlfriend in a heated argument, in the state of California. That in itself proves he is aggressive also. #3.) Just because she is aggressive on the show DOES NOT give him the right to Split her head. ( folks this is the main reason they SELECT jurors to AVOID BIASED opinions like this misled person.) SMH.

  • i dont want violence for anyone. so everybody needs to keep their heads, hands, glasses, etc. to themselves because what goes around comes around again. it comes to you harder and in the worst way when it does hit!