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Cops Investigating Tweets Related To Lil JoJo’s Murder, Chief Keef Says He Was Hacked


[Spotted at Bossip]

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  • CriticXtreme

    You female acting guys tweetN beefs still makes all of you pauzzes. The real issue is black people are being killed in Chicago period and no one cares.

  • nickxdope

    thats sad.. these chicago goons dont seem to value life.. its like they are brainwashed into thinking they can only be goons and theres nothing else out there for them.. very sad.

    • Blythe Dhia

      I agree. and i’m also on the fence about whether or not they deserve the platform to have a public voice. On one hand, i’m glad hip-hop can serve as an avenue to possibly uplift them from their circumstances. However, if they’re just going to abuse hip-hop and use it to perpetuate their negative way of life and spread it to others, I’d almost rather them just stay where they are and wait to be murdered or imprisoned.

  • ShaynnaK

    I don’t like Chief Keef. He needs to be put in jail and held
    accountable for his actions. His account wasn’t hacked…you would think that
    he had street smarts to know to not even comment on the young man’s killing
    because it can implicate him as well…conspiracy. He is a fake thug…and the
    reason I say that is because he writes these songs and then tries to live it
    out in real life. A person who has a “point to prove” is the most
    dangerous person you can ever come across because they have to do whatever it
    takes for the people they want to impress to see them as “real”. I have
    NO RESPECT for him at all…he is old enough to know better…he just chooses
    to be the way he is…a cold-hearted punk.

  • Hello_Kitty81

    I live in Chicago and these young kids out here are f*cked up. Plus I can’t stand Chief Koon and his music!