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Work Hard, Play Hard: 10 Rappers Who Went To College On Sports Scholarships


Many rappers claim they were superior athletes back in their day, but only some actually have the credentials to prove it. It’s one thing to say you had a wicked jump shot or that you were a heavy hitter on the football field (before you started selling crack, or course) but having the proof to back it up is a whole different story. There are several MCs who actually had skills in the athletic arena and proved so by moving on past the Friday night lights to display their skills on college campuses around the nation. But, clearly, for one reason or another, be it injury or not being able to cut it, they wound up rapping instead. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t have their shining moments.

Here are 10 rappers who put enough work in while in high school to earn athletic scholarships at the collegiate level…


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  • There are so many lies in this list. You expect people to believe Wale and Plies were football players on the college level? And I’m from Ohio…Stalley? Michigan? C’mon son. And the fat corrections officer was 18 when the famous corrections officer pics were taken. Embarrasing.

    • theserenej

      if you look up Wale’s bio, he did go to college on football scholarships but eventually dropped out.

    • wicks

      well they did so do some homework first

  • Ummm Plies as a receiver…doubt it, I couldve went along with a running back def not receiver. I need proof

  • sobe diva

    Who the fack is Babi Mac?

  • john

    USC was caught in a scandal because of the Romeo scholarship. They gave him a scholarship because him and Demar Derozan were best friends and he would persuaded him to come. When Demar went pro they dropped his scholarship.

  • Whoa

    Sooooo no J.Cole.the on guy on the list who actually GRADUATED…and theme his music around basketball..smh

  • Surprise

    Plies really. Well he should’ve stayed in school, because his rap career is in the dumps!!

  • SpringWind

    Michael Franti —- USF Basketball

  • MrTroyMercy

    Stalley ain’t play for no damn michigan ….. I’m a huge um fan GTFOh