C. Vernon Coleman II

Sons: 8 Rappers Whose Children Made Headlines For Allegedly Breaking The Law



Father: Birdman
Son: Lil Wayne
Charge: Weapons Possession
WTF: In 2007, Birdman Jr. was blazing a spliff in front to the Beacon following a show when the cops approached. Tunechi then allegedly attempted to hide a handgun when the fuzz boarded his tour bus. He later pled guilty to criminal weapons possession and served eight months out of his one year sentence in Rikers.

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  • Remington Steele

    Correction dummies, Wayne is not the son of Brian, never has been and never will be! Brian”s the pimp and Wayne’s the hoe!

  • Ymcmb

    Thats a harsh comment. Birdman has been his mentor and father figure before they were Cash Money Millionaires. Whn Wayne was like 10 or younger hes knwn him all his life. Thats a life you’ll never have you dnt knw why birdman stepped up the way he did for wayne because he was a young kid w no parents nor financial support in his life.So he raised him. “No Weapons formed Against Me shall Prosper”……

    • Ms.T

      So true – too many haters!!!

  • Imthatgirl4ever

    Call it what u want, if birdman didnt take lil wayne in, who knows where wayne would be today.

  • the last one killed me but I guess these “rich kids” just trying to prove that they’re about that life as well although they look stupid. embarrassing your family – I’m very disappointed jojo lol

  • that lil wayne/birdman one has to be a joke, or they didnt listen to waynes music back when it was music when he mentioned his father dying