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Rush Limbaugh Foolishly Theorizes That Al-Qaeda Wants To Make President Obama “Look Good” [LISTEN]


Rush Limbaugh’s attacks on President Obama have sunken to a new low. It’s one thing to have partisan views, but Limbaugh tip-toed further across the line of decency by claiming that al-Qaeda wants to help the president look good.

Limbaugh believes that the terrorist group sacrificed Osama bin Laden for the commander in chief’s gain, views which he shared on his radio show. “What do the militant Islamists want more than anything in the world? Israel gone is right,” he said, implying that Obama winning a second term would be a victory for Muslim extremists. “Even moderate Islamists wants Israel gone,” he said.  “What if Ayman al-Zawahiri and other al-Qaeda leaders gave up Osama bin Laden for the express purpose of making Obama look good? Giving Obama stature, political capital.”

Despite being seen as the mastermind behind the 9/11 terrorists attacks, Limbaugh believes that bin Laden was not as important to al-Qaeda as the public believes. “Al-Qaeda was not depending on Osama bin Laden for operational leadership. His day had come and gone. He’s expendable.”

In short, “militant Islamists” will be more “hopeful” of disposing of Israel under a Democratic president versus a Republican candidate like Mitt Romney, and therefore had to make a decision to appease the Obama administration.

The theory is dangerous on many levels, and while it does not imply that the POTUS had any knowledge of this alleged plan, it involuntarily links Obama to terrorist activity. Being that a healthy percentage of Americans believe that he is Muslim (and therefore linked to terrorism by default, a ridiculous theory that many adhere to), Limbaugh’s words plant a seed of ignorance in the minds of voters who lack a clear understanding of foreign policy, and could potentially sway the perception of the president in the minds of voters going into the forthcoming election.


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  • Better than YOU

    Al-Qaeda !!!!!!!!!!!
    Please, please Al-Qaeda kill me next if I have to read another article by this Brainless
    ( Latifah Muhammad ) person

  • what an idiot ! why is he still on the radio ? most drug addicts lose there jobs he is still on do they do testing at that station ?

    • Bob

      Hey Barry hasn’t lost his job and he’s an admitted pot smoker. Whas up wit dat?


      He’s been the most listened to talk show host on the radio for over twenty years, where have you been? You seem to think that anytime you’re offended the person you’re offended by should be destroyed, are you that intollerant and hateful, or are you yourself on drugs?

      • Carol

        Regardless of how long he has been on the radio, he is still a hateful,mean toad


        Did he hurt your little feelings? Awwwwww, how cute.



    • You’re as warped and stoned as Limpbrain is!

      • Bob

        Come on Stella admit it, like the rest of your simpleton lib buddies you’re just an uninformed nincompoop who has never heard Rush. It’s either that or you’re devoid of common sense.


        Stella’s got PMS today!

    • VietNamVet

      Hey Billy Bob or is it Billy Boob? Get a life and see if you can find some brain cells also.

  • cccourt

    I have read a hint you are listening to a sociopath is if they use “kill” or “die” etc. I will resist suggesting that re: Rush Limbaugh. I don’t want to be described as what his diagnosis is.

  • lexmom

    Mitt Romney has proven himself to be inept at world relations. Even people in England found him offensive. The ramifications of Mitt Romney representing the U.S. during world matters (such as tensions in the middle east) scares the #!#!# out of me! Look out for WWIII !!!!

    • Bob

      If the Blamenator wins a second term it will then be too late for you to realize you’re a cool aid drinker.

  • He is such an idiot that republicans belive he is god, He is worst then Hitler and he loves it and wants us all to belive the same way he does. If he is so great why isnt he on the republican ticket. Way to go Rush Limballs

    • Bob

      Please tell me you don’t really BELIVE that.

      • No Nonsense

        work on your spelling..i know it’s tough


      Leonard think’s Buttcrack Islama’s a god, that boy can’t even get the unemployment rate under 8, some god!

      • D-san

        Ohhhh, here we go. Do you folks just not remember the last ten years of your lives? Do you remember the surplus Clinton left us? Do you remember the debt Bush created? In what insane world do you live in where the financial black hole created by multiple foreign wars, frequent deregulation, and horribly criminal Wall Street business practices can be repaired in four years? I don’t care if you’re Republican, Democrat, or just Indifferent – our debt and employment problems won’t be fixed for years to come. It’s going to take multiple presidencies to fix it, and that’s only if we elect people who can do something about it.


  • Oh right. Like, I’m going to believe an article about Rush Limbaugh “tip-toeing over the line of decency” by accusing Al Qaeda of anything written by a person named Latifah Muhammad. That’s rich.

    • I’m more inclined to listen to Latifah Muhammad than Rush Limpbrain. That Oxi- Cotin has Rush’s brain limp!

      • Bob

        That is while you still can. I’m sure you’re not yet over mourning the death of your other leader and icon Osama. Well at least you’ll have that ultimate Muslim, Barry Hussein Soetoro left.


        Stella’s living ten years ago, when her face was only 80% wrinkled!

    • Sane

      Wow. The racism in this comment is stunning.


        There’s a racist behind every tree, in the minds of the welfare state!

    • VietNamVet

      You certainly are proud of your racism! Maam.

  • teacher

    The person who is dangerous is the raghead who wrote this crap.

    • Bob

      Amen teacher!!!

  • jo geisler

    call the people who buy his add time, he needs to get off the air…..

    • You idiot Liberals think boycotts are what you do when you don’t like the truth that’s been put out to the general public. You sickos should move to Egypt and take up your flags for the Brotherhood and help them out. Get out of the U.S. and stay out.

      • what truth. You actually make Rush Limbaugh look smart

      • rataezo

        And you are part of the Rush audience. Right wing radio will rot your brain. I stopped listening to that stuff and I feel much better now.


        Left wing emotionalism will lose your soul!

    • Bob

      You’ve already tried that. Think of something else…. not that it will work, but it might make you uninformed lame brain liberals more secure. BTW, it’s ad not add.


      So you want to get rid of those you disagree with, are you from the SS or KGB?

      • RubysGirl

        Don’t get rid of people with which we disagree . . . just the talking-heads that knowingly lie to excite their listeners and get ratings.

      • D-san

        You are aware of the internet phenomenon wherein stupid people inevitably compare their opponents to Nazis simply because they’re too moronic to think that comparison through, right? I forget what it’s called, but you should look it up because you are a picture-perfect case-study. :

  • Me

    Man Limbaugh has really lost touch with reality. Wow what a loon.


      But you worship the head loon, hajee the blamer and mommy pants advocate!

      • RubysGirl

        Mature, convincing and profound . . . NOT


        Got PMS?

      • D-san

        See, Wren, you diminish your credibility when you spend your time browsing news message boards in order to contradict and contest every single liberal with an opinion. All of your comments lack substance – they’re the political ideologue’s equivalent of “I know you are, but what am I?!” They make you look childish, and when every one of your comments looks like this, it’s real easy to figure out what’s driving you. Rather then spending time addressing one liberal comment with a well thought out reply (which is entirely possible, so don’t dodge the challenge), you’d rather tell fifty posters that they’re stupid morons who follow a secret Muslim president.

        Nice try buddy, but you should let the adults talk.


        You’re a legend in your own pipe and slippers, worshiping a failure!

  • Ind. Thinker

    Rush Limbaugh is a loud, insulting mouth piece who believes he is the authority of all world affairs. Those of us who disagreed with the previous administration,did not have this much negative print stated about “their president” and we all saw what his form of foreign relations did to our world. With the situation that is developing in the world today….how much “help” is Mr. Limbaugh doing, for the sake of peace??

    • Mr. Limbaugh is a wealthy, life-loving, harmless, lovable fuzzball..I doubt..I know,,,he doesn’t care a damn of what you are typing in step mom’s basement.

  • bigfatty

    the truth hurts don’t it leftists

  • someguy

    you mean
    partisan not bi-

  • FBD

    Well, maybe he went a bit far if he said that al-queda wants Bam to look good, but if you were a militant Islamist, who would you want to win the election? The answer is obvious.

    • RubysGirl

      Just curious . . . what’s your EVIDENCE that the President is a radical muslim or any of the other traits assigned to him? Make sure it’s evidence and not more emotional garbage heard from Rush or Fox.

  • Need No Rush

    Who’s this Rush head case? Is he the one on his fourth wife and lays claim to conservatism? Was he able to get refills on expired prescriptions? Feel sad for the man. He wants his station in life but has to settle for mediocrity and a following of people you wouldn’t want in your neighborhood. There would never be community has we know it.


      Where do you and your left wing celebrities get your drugs? The left is the home of drug abuse! Way to talk about a ten year old story to show how childish you are!

      • RubysGirl

        Sorry . . . not true that the left is the “home of drug abuse” and you can’t prove that can you? Saying it, screaming it, writing it, declaring it, swearing to it . . . . doesn’t make it true.

  • Jet

    Question? What is one of the primary hallmarks of the Democratic party?
    Answer! They will make unreliable, unsubstantiated accqusations and try to pass it off as fact. Such is their tirade against Rush! All wind and no substance except for their unfound and delusional denunciations. By the way, can you guess from which end of their bodies this foul wind blows?

    • RubysGirl

      Real mature dialog.

    • D-san

      Accqusations? Even though I realize typos are not an accurate indicator of intelligence or lack thereof, I can’t help but see responses like this and think that some critical cognitive skills are completely absent from their authors. Look up the word you just wrote and tell me why I shouldn’t immediately dismiss your comment.

  • It’s mind-boggling to think that anyone believes anything out of this twit’s mouth.

  • LuckyLucy48

    What an egotistical drug addict – definately not in recovery…….with a small penis to boot, I bet.


      Ten year old story, man are you desperate!

  • cmf

    If Rush Limbaugh says it, then it is TRUE (his accuracy rating is 99.7%). GOD
    BLESS Rush Limbaugh!!! Rush Limbaugh is our best ally. Rush Limbaugh LOVES, CARES and BELIEVES in this country (the UNITED
    STATES OF AMERICA). He knows that there
    is a constitution for the UNITED STATES OF
    AMERICA that was created by
    our founding fathers and Rush Limbaugh wants to ensure that it is followed by
    our leaders, and not manipulated and distorted for their own personal gain. PLEASE PLEASE listen to Rush Limbaugh…

    • RubysGirl

      OMG . . . please tell me where you got Rush’s accuracy rating of 99.7%. If Rush had real love for the United States of American, he wouldn’t be inciting his listeners to hateful talk. “PolitiFact reported that Rush has been given the lowest score … 31.7 percent of the time, followed by Glenn Beck at 38.8 percent. Six of the 12 claims by Limbaugh analyzed by PolitiFact were rated as either “false” or “pants on fire” – the lowest rating given by PolitiFact, a rating reserved for absolute fiction.You can see Bercovici’s full report, including a spreadsheet of his findings . . .

  • Kool_madness

    Looks like Limbaugh went off his meds…wait, he’s on his meds…Ok he got the wrong meds or he took his wifes meds. Hell Limbaugh is already screwed up enough. I think its time for rehab Rush.


      Ten year old story!

  • The Low here is the lying deceptive bias media. We need more voters like Mr. Limbaugh we wouldn’t have voted a Marxist/Socialist Muslim sympathizer in the WH in the first place.
    You brainwashed liberals are so sick minded that you can’t see what’s happening to our great United States. GOD HELP US! GOD BLESS AMERICA! If this post stays up, watch how the lefties respond. They aren’t much different than the Radical Muslims. 2013 recovery will begin and the chaotic mess we’re in will be reversed so fast you can’t even imagine. When it does, the sick minded liberals will give this President credit. You Liberals are so pathetic it’s almost unbelievable.

  • rodthetruth

    leonard, go tell the jewish people limbaugh is WORSE,not worst, than hitler


      Rodbeth is like Stalin!

  • xybrwho

    LOL yu demo dolts. You’ll see in Nov. rotflmfao

    • D-san

      Yeah, we so totally will. The poll numbers right now are making Democrats reaaaally happy. 0% black support for Mitt Romney? Lololololol, check mate. That lack of support is popping up with key demographics everywhere.

  • If the GOP wants a viable, electable candidate they need to find a centrist moderate. These right-wing crackpots are never going to win over the American voters. Limbaugh does more good for the Democrats than the GOP. He scares away normal sensible Americans. Keep it going Rush – Thanks from the Libs


      Is that why they swept into office all over this country in 2010? You’re a retard!


    Poor LuckyLucy48. Her “Thing” is like Australia, everyone knows where its at but no one wants to go there. The last time her Doctor saw it he said it had a cob web on it.

  • So why would Muslim Extremists want a President reelected when he has inflicted so much damage on Al Quaida and Taliban? It makes more sense for them to support the election of a totally inexperienced venture capitalist who really will do anything for money

  • Richard

    I love how the liberal mind works. All negative comments here are just name calling and typical liberal rhetoric. Are there any of you who can have an honest conversation about what really bothers you? Those of you who preach tolerance are the most intolerant.

    • RubysGirl

      Pot . . . Hey Pot!!! You’re callin’ the Kettle Black.

  • too cool you can comment and then give thumbs up to your own opinion

  • manuel

    Send Rush Limbaugh to the nut house with the rest of the drug addicts!


      You mean all the left wing rock stars, actors, and activists?


    He is such a jerk. And his base believes it all. They are all just puppets repeating what Rush says, and then when asked to explain –they can’t. They are dumb dumb ,DUMB!!!


      Molly believes everything hajee the blamer says, all because of skin color, she’s just a ditz ditz ditz!

  • I agree with all who are AGAINST rushie-boi limpboner; BUT WHO’S LISTENING TO HIM! He’s so ridiculous now not even the conservative right listen to this idiot anymore! Now we should still pay attention, but with his ratings lagging and his influence on the wane, he’ll say anything to get some attention again.


      They’ve been saying that for 25 years, the left is desperate to silence anyone standing in the way of a complete welfare and permissive state!

  • rataezo

    Its the Rush audience that belive this stuff. I bet Rush even knows hes full of it.

    • RubysGirl

      Yep . . . he’s laughing all the way to the bank about how much money he makes spreading moronic rantings. Rush is a J-college flunk out and only got a job in radio because is father owned a popular radio station in St. Louis (KXOK)

  • just another right winger

    let me understand this, all you idiots out there actually believe that bush is the one that sent the planes into the twin towers and the pentagon but wont even give this a second thought? wow, now what more mind boggling? it actually makes more sense when you think about.

    • Motown Is Back

      if you have to resort to theories about what you call LOONY COMMUNIST 9-11 Theorists to rationalize your fat pig of a racist lying leader of your party, you have really blown your cover.

    • Motown is Back

      if you have to resort to theories about what you call LOONY COMMUNIST 9-11 Theorists to rationalize your fat pig of a racist lying leader of your party, you have really blown your cover.

  • southern rock 9909

    the media is libera- just a fact. wait until after the election, there is always a count on negative articles for each candidate. after the last election, mccain had 73% to obams 27%. fair and balanced eh? numbers don’t lie folks. it is what it is.

    • RubysGirl

      It is not a “fact” that the media is liberal . . . that is propaganda espoused by Republicans, Rush and Fox. If media is fair, they will appropriately rate and determine the truthfulness and positions of candidates of all parties. If a party gets excessive negatives, they need to take responsibility for their message, thinking and source of the information they put out. “Fair and balanced” applies to giving all sides of an issue an opportunity to make their case. That’s never happened on FOX . . .the Tea Party Republican advocate. I long for the old time “County Club Republicans” that cared about working for the benefit of our county first – and not their political party.

    • D-san

      You do realize that Fox News is part of the media, right? Not only that, but it’s part of the MAINSTREAM MEDIA. Why the hell is that so hard for you guys to realize? The weird thing is that I’ve heard conservatives boast and brag about how Fox News has more viewers than CNN, MSNBC, and PBS/NPR combined, but then turn around and complain that conservative perspectives are being silenced. What a crock. In terms of pure media saturation, Fox News probably sits at the top of the pile and yet somehow, the liberals are just able to destroy every Fox News personality (not to be confused with reporter) and story with minimal work. Complete balderdash. When conservatives paint themselves as victims of a liberal media in spite of the truth I just described above, you have to wonder why they do it. Is it because they would rather play the victim card then get to the hard work of analyzing the American media machine?

  • Bi-partisan views? Rush Limbaugh’s viewpoints are NOT bi-partisan, you idiot. On the contrary, he is a partisan and proud of it. The author, Latiffah Muhammad is completely clueless and just another stupid liberal with a 10 cent opinion.

  • Rush is just a fact of life, And given the Bush family contacts with other members of the Bin Laden family through the Carlysle Group, maybe we sent osama money to keep putting out those threatening videos, like the one he dumped just before the 2004 election.

  • Tim

    Rush also thinks Paul Ryan can run a marathon in 2 1/2 hrs



    • D-san

      Alright there buddy, calm down. I’m in complete agreement with you on all your points, but the Hitler comparison was taking it a bit far. No one, and I mean NO ONE, has done anything since the Fuhrer lived that has really compared to the Holocaust and its related atrocities.

  • Rush is Right!…Again.

  • arkman1283

    When will you escape the plantation and be a freeman. You are fed, dressed and housed on the plantation. All you have to do is work, (vote once every two years), when will you start thinking for yourself instead of the overseer telling you what to do???

  • I see a bunch of conservative torpedoes have come loading the site up with their venom. HipHop wired need to do what I do and moderate these sites! We know we ain’t tryin’ to hear nothing these conservative robots got to say, coz’ THEY’RE not listening to anything anyone else says just trying to shove their nazi rhetoric down people’s throats! That’s when you know you’re wrong, when you fight so hard against right! Ignore common sense and not listen to reason, but insist that everyone else shut up and listen to you! Nah! I ain’t got time for that! And what are these dogs doing on HIp Hop Wired? It’s obvious they’re being paid to do this coz’ these creeps wouldn’t be on this site otherwise!

  • Tim Moore

    Rush makes more money by taunting under educated Tea Smokers in the Bible belt. What these imbeciles fail to realize is this country will never be that country of every man for themselves. It would break down into anarchy. Does AmeriKKKah really want that event? I don’t think so.

  • Lea Tomassone

    Anybody with any sense at all can tell that Rush is still on drugs. I think he should be commited he is a danger to socitiey