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Rohan Marley Explains Why He Split From Lauryn Hill, Says He Couldn’t Accept “Certain Things”


Rohan Marley is opening up about his relationship with Lauryn Hill, and why things didn’t work out. The son of Bob Marley and Hill were together for several years and share five children, but last year things got awkward. The couple split, on the heels of the news that Hill was pregnant, with another man’s baby.

In an interview with the UK publication The Voice, he explained why things didn’t work out. “As a man, there are certain things I don’t accept,” he said. “And it just so happened that I didn’t accept certain things [in the relationship]. It doesn’t mean she’s a bad person, or I’m a bad person, it just didn’t work out.”


It appears that both parties have moved forward in separate directions, as Marley is engaged to Brazilian model, Isabeli Fontana, and Hill may or may not be involved with the father of her youngest child. “[Our relationship] is good as in …in terms of being a mother and father to our children, it’s good. It’s not as perfect as one might want it to be. It’s just the way the road went.”

Fed-up with the rumors behind the end of the relationship Hill released a statement denying allegations of cheating and abandonment.


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  • Rohan Marley isn’t exactly one of Bob Marley’s ‘better’ children. He’s been known to be kind of on the unruly and wild side and he’s thus far the only Marley (aside from Bob’s half-brother) who doesn’t do ANYTHING PERIOD! He does nothing to earn any money for the family, just lives off of his father’s (and his brothers’) considerable legacy! I guess there’s always one in the family.

    • Rohan is the Co-founder of Marley Coffee Company, which is worth over 50 million dollars