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Lupe Fiasco Goes On Twitter Rant Against “Uppity Black Ni–as,” Defends Right Not To Vote


Lupe Fiasco stays solidifying his reputation as Hip-Hop’s most polarizing artist. Recently, D.L. Hughley rehashed the criticism of the Chicago rapper’s decision not to vote in government in elections, going as far as saying he was “dumb.” Taking to Twitter, last night Lupe, while making sure to mention his new album, Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album, Pt. 1, drops September 25th, name checked Roland S. Martin and Hughley, and implored them to leave him be when it comes to his decision not to participate in the electoral process.  Lupe even used the latest Hip-Hop catch phrase (“You gon’ get this work,” popularized by a battle between Loaded Lux and Calicoe) to make his point, while calling out “uppity ni–as.”

Just lettin you “Lupe Dumb Cuz He Don’t Vote” crowd know that if y’all don’t #LeeMeAlone my ni–as #YallGoneGetThisWork. Yo @rolandsmartin obama ain’t gone lose cuz of me and my raps dawg…Now I’m begging you bruh bruh. Sick of u uppity black ni–as hiding behind your political correctness…MLK JR would be ashamed of yall…we still dying in these streets.. Wasting away in these prisons and trapped in mental slavery and all you ni–as can come up with is VOTE your way out?!?

Ni–a what about the 4 yrs in between? DL hughley righteous @ss still ain’t hollered about dropping that bread…u ni–as is the worse. I got slave blood in these veins ni–a this system you want us to participate in at 1point until very recently didn’t recognize my humanity. Let me heal from the wounds of 400 years of institutionalized agony and destruction first…then maybe I’ll think about voting… For a system and a government that kills and steals all over the f-cking world with impunity and heartlessness for sake of what??? Not even in the name of GOD, in the name of corporate profit!! i aint voting 4 dat sh-t. U can unfollow if u want but #YallGoneGetThisWork

Tell ’em why you mad, son. We’re still voting on November 6th, though.


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  • Janay

    Lupe has a voice. I respect that. I will still be voting but I agree with some of what he is saying. Black men are dying he is saying too many black male leaders are focused on the wrong things. (Voting) when they should be in these black hoods IMMEDiATELy because there is a crisis in black communities. HE is right mLk would not be pleased with the current state of blacks because yes a black pres is an accomplishment but what good is it if we can never have another one again once the black men jail and kill themselves out.

    • Uhhu

      Its not the black male leaders. You cant save people who clearly dont want to be saved. People play the blame game way to much.

  • diligent_thought

    lupe is the one of the wisest musicians ever… what he says is right
    …..vey much right

    • steve bickler

      The word is “very”. Learn to spell.

  • Truth

    I this is what I tell my youth…. Ybnf=young black never famous crowd because they world is against us and we busy killing each other.

  • lightbrownis

    so what does he suggest we all do to keep black men from dying? Rap? GTFOH!

    • Van Sertima

      If you think voting for a pre-selected president is going to keep black men from dying… you’re slow. It’s his personal decision… gohn = get off his nuts

      • One thing has nothing to do with the other

      • motorfingaz

        What year did you drop out of jr high?

      • The logical fallacies inherent in that statement are astounding. You Lupe Fiasco followers are crazy as hell.

    • Kid

      You are the dumbest person in the world hands down

      • motorfingaz

        You are an ignorant kid. Stay in school and get in one if you aren’t!

    • motorfingaz


  • iCosignPeoplePosts

    “The oppressed are allowed once every few
    years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class
    are to represent and repress them.”- Karl Marx.
    Politics, like
    the media, religion, education and etc., are Ideological State
    Apparatuses. ISAs function by ideology and manipulate people into
    accepting the hegemony in place. Lupe Fiasco is an organic intellectual
    who opposes hegemony by attempting to convey the ideologies and the
    binary oppositions that divide minorities. Binary oppositions such as
    black versus white, republican versus democrat, religious versus atheism
    and the list goes on. The only way hegemony can sustain itself is by
    manipulating people into accepting certain world views as status quo, as
    normal life. We don’t need voters but academics and organizers.
    Meaning, if we really want change then we need minorities, black and
    Latino, to develop a voice in the academic field and we need organic
    intellectuals, such as Lupe Fiasco, to organize outside of the academic
    field, expose ideology, unify all minorities by exposing that the gang
    life and drug-dealing lifestyle spills blood in the neighborhoods of
    minorities, we make addicts and prostitutes out of our brothers and
    sisters and live up to the stereotypes placed upon us.
    I used to
    view Hip-Hop as a crucial way to expose ideology. But now Hip-Hop
    embodies capitalism. We hardly receive any knowledge out of the records
    we listen to. Although perception of Hip-Hop is arbitrary, what I mean
    is either we produce generations of academics, organizers, organic
    intellectuals and free-thinkers or minorities will forever be oppressed.
    was once asked in a graduate class, because I was the only minority in
    the class, whether or not I believed that a revolution was possible. I
    said yes because I have never seen minorities unify. Colonialism
    resulted in slavery for Africans and resulted in the U.S. stealing land
    from Mexico and murdering too many Latinos and Africans. I understand
    that my words will not contain merit or reason with every reader but ask
    yourself how long have minorities been able to vote and then ask
    yourself are Latinos and blacks equal in this country or still viewed as
    an inferior race?
    The more academics and organizers we produce, the
    more we can educate and unify. When minorities unify, we are then a
    majority that politicians, the government, the upper class, bourgeoisie,
    elite, whatever you call it, a majority that they fear. Latinos and
    Blacks have never had equal control of this country or equal
    representation because we never produce enough minorities to represent
    us. -Kobe24

    (Think about it)

  • D. Rose in the paint

    Lupe exposes himself and gets mad when people scrutinize his over-opinionated crap

  • Black Soldier

    I am a fan of Lupe, and loved the cool album eclectic mix of head boppers to thought sequestration, to show the value in self prosperity, and preservation. But I agree with the post above me in which someone stated Blacks have never came together as a whole, to represent our true voice in the Government, clearly stated by this article. I realize Lupe is a voice for racial injustice that we as black Americans still experience. But There are some of us who are established in our mindset, and then progressive thinkers. The Black community has seen little in case of specificity to our overall advancement in position even with a half black President, but why would one ask? From attribution of Ni–a being used a a descriptive term nowadays as friend or buddy, education, and not being the uppity token to our jobs or community. So I do agree with Lupe, there is still retribution to be had by the black community as a whole. But is it just the path that was paved for us? We as a race were split in our views towards society, from the fields , to the house servant, to twitter. In Ending you both have stated your views and distaste for one another, so now, with out corrupting your views, its time to come together, not in anger, or froward thinking, but to joint task for true freedom amongst each other. We are only what we perceive ourselves, to be! And to not be separated by the polarity of that we have faced in recent history.
    Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the World!
    -Teach the children they are worth more than many expect them to be, we need to stop being separate in thought, and be drawn closer through our action, education, health , prosperity, UNITY

    God Bless -Black Soldier


    I agree with Lupe but I disagree with yalls comments about blacks not coming together. Study Marcus Garvey noble drew ali Huey p etc. When we come together its always infiltrated and disbanded. Cointel pro.

  • Lupe is stuck in the past. Shutup and vote for we all be in slavery. Mitt is not playing…

  • Voting gives you a voice, removing yourself from that process effectively means you are not heard.

  • He said all this great stuff, then the author still said “We’re still voting on November 6th, though”… O_O. In one ear, out the other.

    You can tell someone that they don’t have to jump off a cliff to win the million dollars they see at the bottom. If the crowd says ‘jump’, you’re wasting your breath.

  • christmas808

    go head and let the repubs mess up the economy and see who buy that album…Lupe need a _ . U are a rapper what have u done besides rap…

  • jimid

    if anything you should vote 3rd party. plus there’s local stuff on the ballot that matters

  • 23

    While promoting his album. Wow! that stunt is obvious.

  • So Lupe, who’s paying you to talk this crap? To go on record about this to discourage other blacks from voting so we can get a republican in the White House? How much did they give you to play the role of backstabber? You takin’ money from people who publicly acknowledge their disdain and dislike of all things black and black people? Or are you as stupid as you sound?

  • lupe_sucks

    please, let lupe heal from 400 years of of institutionalized agony and destruction. clearly the man is suffering.

    • Please. he doesn’t know what suffering IS. Let Romney get elected–and believe me-IT WILL BE ON.

      • steve bickler

        I hope so.

  • I agree with some of Lupe’s points, but progress cannot be achieved by not participating. If the Republicans win, it’ll make things worse. It’ll take our country in the wrong direction. As an asian, I can never know how it is to walk in a black man’s shoes. But its not to say my life was a picnic growing up. I dealt with some racism as well. Nothing compared to what african americans, but I know that if we don’t vote, things can only get worse. Lupe needs to be a better role model. Democrats weakness is young people don’t show up to vote. Otherwise the good guys would win every single election. Get out and vote! Especially in battleground states!

  • totally1

    if no one voted at all, there would still be a new president. So what if Lupe doesn’t vote? That’s his choice.

  • Prim

    Lupe, is a smart YOUNG BROTHER, however his youth is getting in the way and he is not nearly mature enough to understand the moment. Myself as a Young Black Revolutionary had similar immature views. As I matured and as will Lupe, he will discover his sphere of influence has great reach. Lupe has to channel his influence and realize it does matter. As an artist, Lupe’s greatest accomplishment should be to help mobilize Black Youth and get them engaged in the issues that concern him. Most of those issues can be address, with the help of government officials, the right government officials. Officials a young black movement, could help elect from their very on numbers. I would love to see Lupe, as a YOUNG BLACK BROTHER, reach out to the likes of Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte and others, maybe forming a Think Tank of Young Minorities, to tackle the Young Minority issues of today. In other words Lupe, Drop-In my brother, Not Out.

  • motorfingaz

    Lupe, you have no sense of history and the sacrifices of those that fought and died for your right to even exist. You are ignorant.

  • HE is right mLk would not be pleased with the current state of blacks
    because yes a black pres is an accomplishment but what good is it if we
    can never have another one again once the black men jail and kill
    themselves out.I
    am beautiful woman and I love good man…..inter racial romance is my dream… so I
    joined —blackwhitePlanet.С0M—–it’s where to- connect with
    beautiful and excellent people!The more academics and organizers we produce, the
    more we can educate and unify. When minorities unify, we are then a
    majority that politicians, the government, the upper class, bourgeoisie,
    elite, whatever you call it, a majority that they fear.

  • BilderbergSuperstar

    I feel what he saying but his diatribes are always all over the place..How can you try to heal us by calling another bother a n**ga because he has a difference of opinion..Vote or don’t vote but please be informed..

  • He goes in….true…But HIS truth ain’t THE truth…while I feel his pain…and respect his right to “heal” (we all trying to heal…we just have the luxury of doing it with a massive following and tons of cash)…I wish he cared to reflect on the fact that: 1) He is in a position of influence; 2)voting is not a waste and 3)I question the legitimacy of this artist that is clearly benefiting from our capitalistic system wallowing in self-pity (excuses wrapped in philosophy) and having the nerve to call other rich black men uppity….voting when done collectively can bring about change…and voting is not about perpetuating the raggedy parts of the system. Smh #with great power (in his case the power of influence) comes great responsibility.

  • LOL he’s stupid. He has the right to be stupid and to say that, but others have the right to call him out on it as well.

  • Remember when people thought this clown was a “conscious” /”intelligent” rapper? What a joke! I just hope he doesn’t influence too many others who would surely be hurt if the wrong person gets elected.

  • Someone that hears

    The voice of discontent with the current system is getting louder and louder. People of all colors and walks of life are starting to realize that the reality they thought they lived in is not as it seems. The masses are awakening slowly but what will become of all of this? IDK, by There’s nothing more powerful than an idea and the bravery to spread it. Ideas are like viruses of the mind. Even if you don’t agree ask yourself: What have I been allowing to infect my mind lately?