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Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson Says He’s “Lost Everything” [VIDEO]


It’s been a bumpy road for  Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, and the former NFL player let his emotions run free during his first public interview since assaulting ex-wife, Evelyn Lozada.

During his episode for Showtime’s Inside the NFL, last week, the 34-year-old was emotional as he spoke on all the things that have led to a professional and personal downward spiral. “When you get a humble Chad Johnson that has lost everything that’s a big deal,” he said.

Since the altercation, which led to him being fired from the NFL, and the loss of his marriage, Johnson admitted that his disposition has changed. “You’re not getting  that same individual, you’re not getting that same funny guy….I gotta prove a point. That’s the scariest thing in the world.”

Johnson also revealed that he is in anger management classes to “channel” his emotions and spoke lovingly of his relationship with Lozada. “Being married, being a husband, being a lover, was an honor, and I lost that . I lost two of the things that really meant the most to me. That someone completed my world, completed me period. But I just hadn’t made that transition to where I needed to be the best man that I could , or best husband that I could. I didn’t make it all the way, fully.”

Clearly still in love with his Lozada, Johnson did everything from tattooing her picture on his leg, to refusing to sign divorce papers. In the end, he accepted the fall of the relationship, and struck a plea deal in response to the battery charge he faces for allegedly head-butting the reality star. He will not face jail time.


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  • HughMan

    I hope Chad can recover and be happy! He seems so genuine. Divorce is a horrible thing to go through. Understanding anger and how to let go is important. I think of the Zombie in the “Wreck it Ralph” preview. “good, Bad, RRRRR! you must love you!” Better days will be ahead for him I hope. He should at least have the financial resources to help him get through this difficult period in his life.

  • J A SASSY aka salon22w

    Those other white and latino(bianca zulugua) and others should feel very you lay up and sleep with clearly married man and you showing what a h o you are..chad pleas get it together and get a sensible blk who has your back and not jsut there for the “chocolate stick” and the high class you wont see any of those non blk women with a regular everyday blk man..but they claim to love blk men..HUH!

    • Stay in School Kids

      Chad doesn’t deserve a good black woman. He deserves these sleaze balls he has been dealing with.

  • J A SASSY aka salon22w rooting for you “bro” treat your little blk kids good and get your life together..water the grass in your own backyard..because the grass aint always greener in the others yards..remember that!!!!!

  • customcalendars4u2

    Maybe it’s just me,but the way Chad even expresses himself tells me that he really took himself to seriously as a professional football player,T.V reality star and with these countless numbers of women he’s messed around with. His arrogance and cockiness is what ultimately lead to his ruin,but where he really got it twisted was when he married a woman with the same HUGE ego!