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187 Proof: 10 Hip-Hop Deaths (Other Than Tupac & Biggie) That Remain Shrouded In Mystery


Hip-Hop has seen its share of rapper deaths over the years, from Scott La Rock to Slim Dunkin.’ No matter how many times it happens, it always comes as a shock, even if the rapper or Hip-Hop personality is living that hella reckless Y.O.L.O. life. But it’s the senseless rap killings that go unsolved that seem to peek the most interest from the public.

The unsolved deaths of Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. have hung over Hip-Hop like a dark cloud for over a decade and every shred of so-called evidence that comes forth still attracts the same interest as if it were the day the two rap icons lost their lives. Pac and Big may be the most famous Hip-Hop cold cases but there are dozens of deaths in Hip-Hop community that have gone unsolved, or whose explanations have caused the decease’s family to think something was fishy.

A few of Hip-Hop’s most famous rapper casualties have allegedly been handled in the streets ala Soulja Slim and Mac Dre. But here are 10 Hip-Hop deaths that went unsolved by authorities, raised suspicion and remain shrouded in mystery to this day…



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    Go on YouTube and search for the video called “Farewell”. This also addresses this topic.

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