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Wired 25: The 25 Coolest Jews In The Game


Behind plenty of successful Hip-Hop acts, there is usually a pretty powerful Jewish guy making moves. These are [sort of] facts. It doesn’t mean that any of them are corny people, in fact quite the contrary. Most of these cool white dudes are some of the most influential people in Hip-Hop.

From label heads, managers, rappers, actors and more, Jews and Hip-Hop have gone together like peanut butter and jelly since its inception. With Yom Kippur recently passing, this week’s Wired 25 is dedicated to some of the coldest Jews in all of Hip-Hop. Drop one of your jew bro’s a Mazel Tov and then get to clicking down below.

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  • Maat

    this is such a disrespectful post!!!! it’s these people who are exploiting our culture the most and using racial epithets to describe us behind our backs!!

  • Guest

    I don’t have anything against Jewish people but it’s odd that they’re mainly the ones who are in important leadership positions in hip hop. I’m not one who thinks it’s okay to blame the Jews because like them we are scapegoated for the same way by other groups. Hip hop has done nothing in recent years but create negative stereotypes about us especially Black males. Thanks to hip hop Black males are mostly criminals and Black women are hoes. Hip hop primarily uses lighter skinned women who are not Black or mixed in their videos. It’s almost like these rappers are mental slaves to a new massa. Mainstream hip-hop has become more negative for us in recent years.

  • a lot of fake jews there and you know who I am talking about.

  • Gurunsi

    They are slowly taking over…Oops they already control the whole game! Tragic Tragic (Mr Omar’s Voice/Everybody Hates Chris)

  • rosamo

    The tru bowses

  • ehem

    List of notable ceo and company heads in music – all jewish (sorry about spelling in advance):
    Lyor Cohen – just left warner music group (atlantic is under wmg)
    Jimmy Iovine – interschope
    julie greenwald – atlantic
    craig kallman – atlantic
    mike caren – atlantic
    Barry Weiss – Jive/Universal
    Peter Thea – Jive
    Seymour Stein – Warner Bros.
    Rick Rubin – everything awesome
    (I know I’ve left a lot off but its just the tip of the iceberg)

    Not to mention 60 – 70% of the A&R’s out there are jewish. And 80% of the artist managers. And about 100% of the lawyers.

    ….. this is not a coincidence….

  • JPG

    You left El-P off this list so it’s a failure.