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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been coasting for much of the past week as he enjoys a popularity bump in his aggressive showing in the debate showdown with President Barack Obama last week. Building on that momentum, Romney’s campaign has shifted their attacks on the recent jobs numbers, the sagging economy and government spending. It appears that the GOP hopeful’s new direction is working, according to the latest Gallup poll numbers that place Romney in the lead over his opponent. 

Among likely voters, 49 percent of the voting base says they’ll be pulling the lever for Romney versus Obama’s 47 percent. Among registered voters, however, 49 percent say they’ll vote for Obama with 46 percent saying Romney is their man. As Gallup reports, the numbers do not show a significant lead for either candidate and shouldn’t be used as a prediction tool. In fact, the trend for polls such as these is that likely voters universally swing in the favor of the Republican candidate. Still, Democrats are certainly paying attention to recent happenings and fighting hard to get the Obama campaign back on track.

The campaigns are ramping up their efforts with the presidential election just four weeks out and two more prime-time debates to come. This Thursday (October 11), Vice President Joe Biden and Romney running mate Paul Ryan will face off in their lone debate ahead of November. Although the pair will be standing on their own records, it is widely known that both Biden and Ryan will be selling their lead candidate and espousing the positive talking points of the respective camps.

The Gallup numbers do highlight one troubling aspect for the Obama campaign. As it stands, Romney looks to have the voter turnout advantage. The strategy for the Obama camp will most certainly shift in coming weeks to increase voter participation and engagement to at least win the popular vote.


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