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“Man forreal, we gotta do something dangerous because this is me really wanting to step my ranks up with the top rank official so we gonna make glass happen.  This gon be some real Shyte that we do, ya know?”

When Jay-Z and Nas first made the decision to drop “Black Republicans”, they were able to shake the foundation of the game without even hearing the song.  The feature on Hip Hop Is Dead was more than enough to have fans jumping out of their seats.

There may be yet another clash of the titans on the way as Raekwon revealed that he and Kool G Rap were in the process of linking up with each other in order to create an album.

Strictly talk for now, there have been no in depth details revealed in regards to what kind of project or when to expect it.  As with Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II, Rae knows that it takes time for a masterpiece to be created and sometimes a person must be patient and pre-heat before trying to light Hip Hop ablaze.

Already working on The Wu-Massacre with Ghostface Killah and Method Man along with recently signing Capone-N-Noreaga within his IceWater imprint, the Chef continues to cook up more and more surprises.

During an interview with AllHipHop, the rapper gave a little more incite as to what the two were in the process of brewing.   

“We talking about doing a project together.  Kool G Rap and the Chef.  You know what kind of Shyte is that gonna be.” 

“We gon a lot of history checkin’, a lot of real gangster Shyte gon be on this one, forreal, so get ready for that.” 

Rappers have constantly reminded themselves, as they have risen among the ranks, to maintain good yard work and make sure that the grass is cut.  The industry has bred many snakes that sit and wait to strike.  Real always recognizes real and find a way to filter out the phony. 

“We talk about real Shyte.  We go outside of rap with it.  I just look at it like this my n*gga, know what I mean?  There’s something about brothers that taught me what I know.  When they still around bustin’ they rifle, that’s what it was about when you was a young’n.   Be molded by the strongest.  These n*ggas are the strongest, the top elite of rap, and they callin me?”

As Rae reflected on his times growing up, he gave further admiration for G Rap to solidify his status in the Hip Hop ranks. 

“You know your name is always in my grab bag.  You gave me life, you know that right.  I just think about the times we was out on the block camouflaged up, tryna live and just make it.  It was like your Shyte stayed in the cassette box.”

As tantalizing as the idea sounds, time will tell exactly how this pans out between the two.  Some dreams come true, whereas others are mainly a figment of a person’s imagination.  Let’s hope this dream can become a reality.     

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