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George Zimmerman’s Lawyer Denies That Race Played A Role In Trayvon Martin Shooting


George Zimmerman’s lawyer wants the public to know that when it comes to race, it was not a factor in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

Mike O’Mara has tried his hardest to make it clear that, despite public opinion, his client did not shoot and kill the unarmed teen based on the color of his skin.

Responding to an interview from Martin family lawyer, Benjamin Crump, in which he called race the “elephant in the room,” O’Mara denied that the teen being Black had anything to do with the alleged profiling that may have led to his death:

The term “elephant in the room” typically describes something that people won’t talk about — despite how obvious and apparent it is. This term is misapplied in this case. Mr. Crump has led a chorus of voices in drawing attention to the race factor in the George Zimmerman case, including comments from the President of the United States. While it can be safely argued that it is largely the question of civil rights issues that has made the George Zimmerman case a national — and international — story, there is nothing to support the contention of racism in the Zimmerman case.

O’Mara also brought up the 28-year-old accused killer’s racial background as defense behind his claims:

Let’s forget for a moment that George Zimmerman is Hispanic, not white. What Mr. Crump is saying is that race is an issue in the George Zimmerman case because, he insists, that if a black man shot a white person in a similar situation, the black man would have been immediately arrested. This is not an indictment of George Zimmerman; this is fundamentally an accusation that the Sanford Police Department acted in a racist way, and that perhaps the criminal justice system at large is biased against Black men.

The truth is that there is credible evidence that black men are overrepresented in the criminal justice system, and that is evidence of an underlying problem. Mark O’Mara and Don West have each spent a career in criminal defense fighting against racial bias in the justice system that affected many of their clients. This is something that needs to be discussed as a nation, and if this case has brought that conversation to the forefront, then now is the time to have that conversation.

Since his death in February, Martin has been looked at as being a victim of stereotyping due in part to wearing a hoodie. The youngster was visiting the Florida home of his father’s girlfriend, and was on his way back to the location from 7-Eleven, when he was spotted by Zimmerman. 911 calls revealed that Zimmerman, a former neighborhood watch captain, described the teen as being on drugs, and assumed that he looked suspicious. However, no evidence has been brought to the table proving that Zimmerman had reason to be fearful of Martin. After a brief altercation, which a police officer on the case said could have been avoided had Zimmerman stayed in his car instead of pursuing the high schooler, Martin was shot.

Now facing second-degree murder charges, Zimmerman asserts that he shot the teen in an act of self-defense. He also claims to have been attacked by Martin leading up to the fatal incident.

Zimmerman’s trial is expected to begin in the coming months, but does his cultural background bar him responsibility from possibly being racist?

Weigh in via the comments section below.


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  • Monique

    Just because you’re Hispanic, doesn’t mean you can’t be a racist -.-

  • Well the question is why did Zimmerman follow stalk and then get out of his truck and chase after Trayvon with a loaded 9mm at night and in the rain and then murder Trayvon when all Zimmerman saw was Trayvon walking home from the store minding his own business. I nor anyone else can come to any understanding for Zimmermans actions other than Zimmerman was a racist or fliped out on dope. So which is it O,mara?? Zimmerman never has given any explanation that makes any sense what SO ever.

  • Gordon

    The explanation that “I was forced to shoot someone because they were beating my head on the concrete after sucker punching me while I was walking back to my vehicle” makes perfect sense to me, as it did to the original investigating officer. Being physically smaller than the attacker also supports the need to us whatever means were at hand to save his life.

    • If someone slowly follows you and stalks you while in their car and you get scared and take off running and they get out of their car and chase after you when you haven’t done anything wrong this gives you the right by law to “Stand your Ground” When some freak comes after you for no reason. Try something new Gordon. Zimerman persude Trayvon for no reason what so ever and Zimmerman put himself in the position that he’s in today and rightfully so. And when he goes to prison for murder and is fighting to keep is butt safe to no avail he did it to himself by being a complete power hungry idiot with a gun who thought he was a cop that had a license to murder even the inocent doing nothing wrong.

      • The Burning Bush

        I like to do nothing wrong to you. A sucker punch to the face, knock you down, give you a pair of black eyes and a broken nose.
        Nothin wrong with that.

      • Yep. When you follow someone at night and then chase after them when they take off running and they haven’t done a thing wrong you can expect them to defend themselves when you catch up to them. Make sure you donate enough money to the Gorge Zimmerman Vaseline fund. Instead of a burning bush he’s gonna have a burning A$$ for years to come when he hits the big house.

      • cat

        Thanks for point dat out cause wat Gordon said didn’t make any sense to me! He sound stupid I’m gone need him to read da fact of da case.before he open s his big mouth again 🙂

    • cat

      You stop to think y would Dis young boy hit Dis man outta no where

  • The Burning Bush

    The real question is why did Trayvon not go home and instead chose to double back and give Zimmerman a forced lap dance and some mixed martial arts style punches to the head. Without that Trayvon could still be walking around be-hooded looking into everyone’s yards.

    • You’re a idiot just like Zimmerman. Trayvon didn’t have to run home. He had every right to walk home down the street like anyone else. When you chase after someone at night for no reason you can expect them to “stand their Ground” to defend themselves as the law states they can. And most people put their hood up while walking home in the rain. When I walk at night in the city I look around also to be aware of my suroundings. You never know when some freak idiot is going to chase after you and attack you and even murder you. Pour some water on that burning bush of yours.

    • cat

      You sound just a dumb as Zimmerman