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C00n Affiliated: 10 Rap Songs That Set African-Americans Back As A Race


The truth is, rap music has its good, bad and ugly. Good being those feel great tunes with a positive message and substance. Bad being music that may not appeal to the masses but is entertaining in its own right. And ugly being that ish that you wish never made it outside of the delusional rapper who made its thought process. Especially if you are a self respecting African-American.

We are not talking about the run of the mill Southern dance track or exorbitant East Coast party record. We are talking about the music that is so c00nish that it leaves people wondering if the rapper who made it has ever heard of the Civil Rights movement, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, minstrel shows, slavery or at least seen 30 minutes of Roots. [Editor’s Note: Bamboozled, too.]

Hide your kids, hide your white boss/co-workers. Here are 10 songs – that made it to the mainstream – that most black folks wish other condescending races never knew existed…

(Make your own list in the comments section)


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  • AJ389

    My neck my back by khia

    • Aly

      lol now, that Im older i agree, but you know that was your song!! I don’t care what nobody say…especially chicks. Singin that ish.

  • Janay

    Ok we should look at something here. A majority of these songs were in the 90s not gonna like I used to jam to them. The fact is when bone and project pat made these ghettl songs, lauryn hill was the biggest rapper out. WHat I’m saying is balance is what makes the difference. African-American men have contributed way more harm to hip-hop than the women. WHen black women were heavy involved with hip-hop it was way more cultured and conscience. Ironically the biggest female of today is not African american. Nicki minaj. Rihanna isn’t aa either. But beyonce is and Alicia keys. Both classy women. STop dragging black women into hip-hop c00nery we jumped that ship long ago. I know they like to group all blacks together but the aa males need to take the brunt of this one.

    • Smmmoke

      ‘When black women were heavy involved with hip-hop it was way more cultured and conscience (conscious).’
      While this is true the statement seems a bit off base. Real hip hop is STILL very cultured and conscious. Mainstream rap is not and it’s more because of the people pulling the strings at record labels and radio and television stations than the actual rappers themselves.
      With that said, short-sighted AA men AND women are both to blame for true hip hop being buried in the mainstream. We typically don’t support skilled artists like Common, Jean Grae, Reks, Mos Def, J-Live, Roots, Chuuwee, etc… If these artists were packaged and supported like the Drakes of the world then things would be much different.
      Your comment reads like some of the ones you’ve posted on Madame Noire…you seem to be extremely tired of AA men. Just try not to lump us all into the same category.

      • Azeron

        Record execs aren’t going to allow those messages to get through. They want us listening to the garbage they push. There is a reason for that.

      • jB

        So you actually believe that it’s the record execs fault & not the dummies writing the garbage? I there *anything* a black person does that they’re willing to take responsibility for??

      • Mak Legend

        Oh, it’s most def the execs and the fact that u don’t know that tells me u are def not in the industry. Well I am and it’s the execs and large corporations looking to fill the industrial prison complex buddy. It has always been.

    • truth

      Dont blame wake music on West Indian women.



    • yeah, probably would pick someone else as an example (there’s plenty to pick from, sadly enough)

  • Black people get ahead by “coonin” this is wht the white man teaches us,continue to tell the your people they are less intellegent ,less beautiful, less worthy, and we will push you, make you famous make you rich, feed this to your children & cripple their future and we shall make your dreams come true, wht do we say I am just a black man trying to feed my family “babylon system is a vampire” – Bob Marley

  • Black

    “You heard the damn song”…..hahahaha!

  • lyshia

    Nelly’s song “Tip drill ” didn’t make this list smh

  • Aly

    How am i Suppose to listen to the videos with 15 commercials on? Get it together.

    • vandyll

      You got that right. Every time you click on a page a Phukin commercial starts for damn reason. It’s like being interrupted by a rude person when you trying to have a conversation.

    • duuuh! get a adblock LOL

      • Aly

        you’re late…got it under control

      • steve bickler

        stupid welfare queen. got enough for PC and internet hookup but sittin around lazy waiting on your check. Unbelievable.

      • Aly

        Funny seeing how i am not eligible for a welfare check lmao…wtf are you talking about?? go read a book.

    • joe

      D4l laffy taffy was wack and buffonish

  • Aly

    ANNNNND, I personally love 1st of the month…But i wouldnt limit it to just black people sittin around waiting for checks…certainly not.

    • YT

      I would…

      • Aly

        lol why?? i don’t get no dam check…

  • Nickolous

    Notice that more than half of these songs come from southern rappers, no creativity – just garbage. Bring it back to the west & the east, where hip hop wasn’t perfect – but had more substance.

    • Benny Blaze

      I agree and I’m from the south!!!

    • Azeron

      Thinking about Pac’s Hit Em Up right now. It just popped into my head. Lovely message that was. Biggie and Pac are celebrated rappers who played that game to a predictable end and everyone else gets blamed but the principles. Live by the sword…

    • joe

      All I can do is agree 100%

  • BilderbergSuperstar

    What about ying yang twins “whisper song”..or anything they played on BET Uncut

  • Clayton

    What about “it’s so cold in the D”? Honestly, that rap is unbelievably awful.

    • that was just some kids kinda half-assing it; it wasn’t nothing majorly promoted by a label unlike these acts. [And the response they got was nowhere near warranted frankly] Your false equivalence doesn’t ride here, thanks.

  • .. If these artists were packaged and supported like the Drakes of the world then things would be much different.I
    am beautiful woman and I love good man…..inter racial romance is my dream… so I
    joined —blackwhitePlanet.С0M—–it’s where to- connect with
    beautiful and excellent people! Black people get ahead by “coonin” this is wht the white man teaches
    us,continue to tell the your people they are less intellegent ,less
    beautiful, less worthy, and we will push you, make you famous make you

  • I liked half of these tracks back when I was younger (or a kid in some cases), but jeez they really are dysfunctional in retrospect.

  • Cedric

    Ni**gas in Pars is the worst song for black, but I guess if Jay and Kanye did the songs on the list that you all would think they were alright.

  • south niccas are disgrace, the majority of these songs derived there.

    • BP

      Talk about south music but right now the south winning homie! West coast or east don’t stand a chance! They’re time is done

  • steve bickler

    Why do blacks do this to themselves? Why do blacks seem to want the whole world to think they are the lowest of the low? What do you hope to gain by this?

  • surprise2012

    Nope, it’s the way they wear them godda- – pants sagging like that. URGH..

  • surprise2012

    Oh the sad part about “1st of the Month” is Bone Thugz is rapping truth on that one.. You can’t get mad about that one, especially if you are tax payer..

  • Benny Blaze

    free beats holla at Benny Blaze at reelsoulmuzix@yahoo.com we certified !!!!

  • Azeron

    What about Rat-a-tat-tat from the Chronic. I’m a lot older so some of these songs I have never heard of (and I wish I never had). I do remember Disco Rick and the Dogs and it is sad, but the songs celebrating blacks killing other blacks are the worst. At the same time as Dre and snoop were praising putting peeps on their backs, they were pulling Soulja’s Story and Cop killer off shelves. If it is wrong to rap about blacks killing cops why is it okay to rap about blacks killing other blacks? Makes you wonder, huh? There are many others. I’m thinking about tracks like Still from Geto Boys. The lyrics were so ice cold that I remember stopping cold the first time I heard it. You bobbing your head to nonsense celebrating murdering your own.

  • If anything is ‘holding’ black people back is stupid,whiny,iresome,self-riheous tripe like this article!! And what the hell does that mean anyway hide your white bosses and co-workers?!! Because lawdy knows wes don’ts wants the white folks to thinks badly of us[rolls eyes!!]! It’s stupid black people like the a-hole who wrote this mess that can’t let go and have some very sick and downright ceepy OBSESION with rap music! Please not every damn back person is entetwined with rap music man this idiot is stuck on stupid.

  • get smoked is beyond tragic but, first of the month is a classic.

  • Stupid Hoe

  • Ali tv

    afro man is satire its trying to tell people not to get high

  • Ali tv

    camron …what means the world to you… my money my car my hair my nails …has to make this list

  • pissed off Artist

    First of all. These records offer a time capsule effect on what was going on in our communities in the time period it was made ..let’s not forget most artists draw inspiration from There own lives or situations ..so please don’t hate ..the fact of the matter is they got payed ..and u didn’t ..what is it That were all after anyway ..$$$ right ..and Fu#k white people And what they think ..black people too. We make music cuz we get payed and cuz we love The craft

  • Cameron Purdie

    For what it’s worth, the original version of Because I Got High was called “I Got Stoned and I Missed It,” written by Shel Silverstein and performed by Dr. Hook.

  • Uncle ruckus

    Blame record execs, blame rap artist. Truth is black better don’t want to move forward. Never take responsibility. Its always someone else’s fault. When a person try’s to to study in school they are called acting “white”. Disgusting group of sad folks. Who cares.