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Mitt Romney’s campaign has figured out why President Obama doesn’t appeal to Latino voters: because he’s weak.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, members of Romney’s camp theorized that the president is a “weak leader” and therefore unappealing to Latinos.

According to the paraphrased report,  Romney’s people, explained that part of the Latino culture is identifying with those who are brawny:

In much of Latino culture, they explained, political leaders are expected to demonstrate a macho bravado, and Obama’s debate performance last month — with his verbal pauses, downward gaze, and weak defense of his own record — seemed to exacerbate the incumbent’s perception problem.

Buzzfeed didn’t name the campaign members who made the comments, but the theory didnt’ sit well with Rep. Nydia Velázquez (D-NY) who called the remarks “offensive stereotypes of the Hispanic community.”

As it turns out Romney has been less popular among Latino voters, due to his stance on immigration, and raised eyebrows when he was accused of darkening his skin for an appearance on Spanish television station.

Additionally, his comments about winning the presidential election if he’d been born in Mexico, did little to help his cause, and prompted a response from actress Rosie Perez, which can be viewed below.



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