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Azealia Banks Calls Out Dolce & Gabbana Over “Racist” New Line [PHOTOS]


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  • jd

    Love her….. and thank you Ms.Banks, you can add black face to the mix as well

  • don_king_kong

    Not sure how this could in any way be interpreted as racist, except by a publicity hungry rapper…

  • Random Thoughts

    The clothes look like potato sacks which just adds insult to injury.

  • Jenn

    It would have been ok without the aunt jemima picks embeded on white euro models. It is racist. No mistake about that.

    • christmas808

      that was not aunt jemima did u see a bandana around her head it is a crown…but i guess some of you guys see what you wanna see regardless

    • don_king_kong

      Tell me what you think is racist about these designs.

  • Youknowwhatiitis

    Some of these women are skin and bones…scary. Um, I can understand the line from a fashion perspective but, why are there NO black models if it’s an homage to black antiquity?

  • Besides this stuff being racist, it’s also plain ugly. I am not wearing a potato sack when there is a ton of beautiful craftsmanship in the market.D&G is old news anyway. This is a last ditch effort at some relevancy.

  • saintsinno

    I don’t see anything wrong with this line and since when does a Siclian/European designer have to cater to black people!!! BTW, I am an African American woman and since noone in my family looks like the people on these clothes, I would wear it!