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BET Running Anti-Obama Ad That Says “Support Of Gay Marriage Is A Slap In The Face” [VIDEO]


BET is currently running an ad sponsored by the Pivot Point PAC that is clearly against President Barack Obama. The spot is currently running in Cleveland, Ohio and Seattle, Washington, and alleges that despite initial excitement at the prospect of having the nation’s first African-American president, Obama has passed measures that are not in the best interest of the Black community. 

In the 30 second, black and white spot, an African-American woman and man assert that Obama has cut aid to Black colleges and Black small businesses, while also adding, “And his support of gay marriage is a slap in the face to people of faith.”

The ad closes with the question, “How can I vote for someone who doesn’t respect me?”

Neither of the candidates endorse this commercial. BET recently aired a documentary titled Second Coming: Will Black America Decide The 2012 Election, that analyzed the mobilization of the Black vote.

Slate reached out to the Pivot Point’s chairman, David Shemwell, who is white, and explained his motivation. “I’ve been working with a fellow named Wayne Perryman, a local black evangelical pastor in Washington state who’s been active in gang outreach and various religious outreach programs,” said Shemwell. “Since he’s also a Romney supporter, I said I want to reach out into communities that are not Republican. I started talking about jobs, and all the things that people have in common, and he said: You’re not going to reach anyone that way.”

Thus the creation of the ad. Interestingly, Shemwell noted that he could buy a national ad on BET for just $2000.

Guess when it comes down to it, advertising money is money no matter who is cutting the check, whether it be a Democrat or a Republican. Do you think this ad will make a difference when it comes to swaying undecided voters? Is it a big deal that it is running on BET?

Watch the full spot below.

[Spotted at Vibe via YourBlackWorld]



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  • Him Paino

    Good!! The f@ggot loving potus is staying hush mouth about his f@ggot
    agenda until he knows for sure he won. EXPOSE HIM!! The best thing b.e.t
    has done.

    • AdversaryofIgnorance

      I’m not exactly sure how saying to the National Media that you support gay marriage is “staying hush mouth” but to each his own… I feel for you

      • Him Paino

        No. I’m saying after he said he was for the f@ggots. He ain’t say nomore about it and he was asked about it in a interview and he dodged the questioned by saying “ask me after the election.”

  • Krystal

    You make it out to be like people still watch BET lol

  • Ihavetosayit

    There are millions of black LGBT members of our community. Whenever anyone turns against gay people they turn against their own people. That is shameful. If we as a community are going to stand up for what is right, we need to reject ignorance and hate and embrace ALL black people, not just heterosexual people. Old dusty scriptures written by HUMAN BEINGS thousands of years ago can no longer be used as an excuse to discriminate. Religion is hurting, not helping, our community.

  • Knockout Zed

    Who respects marriage at all in the black community? Illegitimacy reigns supreme!!!! Why do they care if gays can get married when those in “regular” relationships don’t even commit to each other? I hate hypocrites.


  • ghj dsaa

    Your right, how can I vote for a person or a party that doesn’t respect me. *Checks records*