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The Woman Lil Reese Punched & Stomped Out Says The Rapper Is “Pu–y”


Remember the woman, identified as Tiairah Marie, that was seen catching a severe fade at the hands of Def Jam rapper Lil Reese? Well she took to her Facebook account to comment on the footage that hit the Internets a couple of days ago. Basically, she thinks the Chicago rapper, and any man that puts hands on a woman, is a “pu–y.”

In her FB post, Marie (who goes by Self’Made Prodigy) reveals that the incident actually occurred sometime last year (Reese said it happened “years ago”). After confirming that she was simply asked them to “get out my crib,” she noted that she was jumped by Reese, another unidentified male and the unidentified male’s sister.

According to Marie’s Facebook page, she graduated from high school in 2011. However, we’d be doing readers a disservice if we didn’t point out the struggle that is Marie’s spelling.

Reese hasn’t exactly been contrite about the incident. Yesterday, the GBE rapper tweeted, “Dis wat doin betta den da next mf bring small Isht it’s nothin time 2 turn Uppp f-ck it…#3hunna.”

See a screen capture of Tiairah Marie’s comment on her fight with Lil Reese on the next page. Considering that at least one person beefing with Lil Reese and company was murdered (see: Lil JoJo), is may be Tiairah Marie’s best interest to chill. Nonetheless, all of this f-ckery needs to get squashed and handled, peacefully.


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  • Be Clear. Chicago wants their heads on a PLATTER for what happened to JoJo and now Dudes from their own label want them. Everybody keeps saying “The last person that came at them got killed”… THEY CAN’T STEP FOOT IN CHICAGO WITHOUT SECURITY! HE HASN’T BEEN IN CALIFORNIA FOR 3 MONTHS BECAUSE OF HIS MUSIC! HES BEEN THEIR CAUSE HIM AND HIS CREW CAN’T GO BACK HOME.

  • What I Eat Won’t Make You Sh!T

    Was it necessary to comment on her “struggle” spelling though? Smh.. however she spells, what happened to her was wrong! Mess like this is what’s keeping black folks under! Smh.. and then get mad when other folks talk crazy about us!

  • Mia

    Idiots! She makes his illiterate rhetoric look like poetry.

  • Fred

    I don’t understand how you can call for this to be handled peacefully, an then go back and listen to these cats music. These little sambos can’t get through one bar without killing someone or brandishing a gun.