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good kid/m.A.A.d. reactions: The 20 Best Reactions To Kendrick Lamar’s Debut Album


“Given that Dre or Jimmy Iovine or whoever else could’ve gotten their mitts into this project and bogged it down with a bunch of melodramatic hits from the Alex Da Kid factory, everyone involved should be commended for having the good sense to let Kendrick be Kendrick: They let him make a record that’s not just uncompromising to radio interests, but also to uninitiated listeners across the board. It’s a completely exhausting listen, one that might prove easier to admire than enjoy. But at the very least, it’s never anything less than fascinating. A master craftsman should be entitled to some degree of self-indulgence.”

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  • masterpiece

  • shame on u fool!

    Prodigy of Pac.

  • Yaya

    He sounds like Ludacris to me :=/ I guess a major label can still generate major hype. What makes his overproduced album any different than the millions of other ones out there?

    • clapback

      Luda…no. He sounds more like Outkast back when they first came out southernplayalistic style.

      He’s good, real good

  • I just listened to the album and its good, I think Kendrick is really talented and I’m happy
    for him hopefully he will not sellout in the next few years as other rappers have who have blown up in this fucked up music industry. However this album is not a classic. A classis
    is Nas illmatic, Tupac albums classics, biggie ready to die classic.

  • yeayeayea

    kendrick is like a combo of outkast, nas, pac, and ice cube.he’s niiiiicce.

  • If you don’t think this album has classic potential, you don’t know music like you think you do.This album is fluid and tells a story like no other out right now. Honestly, the only thing I don’t like about the albums is the openings to some of the songs,they throw me off and i get ready to change them quick only to remember that the rest of the song is cold.

  • Wizzell Simmons

    Overated, grows on you after a few listens. Repetitve flows, lack of a vision for the album. But, solid west coast effort. Most def one to follow.