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Lil Reese Apologizes For Punching & Kicking A Woman


It took a few days, but Lil Reese has finally apologized. The Chicago rapper and Def Jam signee found himself in a hailstorm of criticism when video of him punching and kicking a woman later identified as Tiairah Marie, made it online. Last night, Reese took to Twitter say that his juvenile actions were a thing of the past.

“Everybdy makes mistakes I was out of charcter & ive grown sense then Dont judge me for my past i can admit my wrongs and I apologize.#3hunna,” he tweeted. Also, he sent out another tweet right after that said “since” to correct the spelling error.

Previously, Reese had seemed unapologetic in his tweets, leading some to wonder if that was really him even typing the aforementioned message. Only his actions moving forward will prove otherwise.

Prior to Reese’s mea culpa, the victim shared her own thoughts on the incident via a message on Facebook. Basically, besides also revealing the the altercation happened just a year ago, she called Reese, and any man that hits a woman, a “pu–y.”

But would Reese have apologized if the video had never been revealed? He also did not apologize directly to Marie (unless he has done so privately). Things that make you say, “Hmmm…”


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Photo: Lil Reese

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  • Mel3177

    He is full of s#!t!!! He only apologized due to the flack he got from the media, fans, and people in general. What a coward!!!

    • LeeLeeC

      Fan…who is this KOON???

    • prettydew

      Beating Riri unconscious worked for Beatmiugly Brown, so why not Lil Reese, he’ll be getting grammys and movie deals in NO TIME!!!

      • you’re stupid.

      • prettydew

        Not my fault you cannot read sarcasm….. whose stupid now, AnnabelleWhitepaws?!?

        And that goes for all of you that didn’t get it either, again not my fault.

    • Dred Whitehead

      Dead @ 2 or 3 fans lmao

  • Anon

    That’s great now people can stop with the fake boycotts. I never needed to hear an apology from this kid. He only owes the female an apology not the public. All these phony activist on twitter will listen to these rap artist talk about guns and drugs and killing all day and listen to women get called bs and hs all day but get outraged when one actually lives the life he Raps about that’s stupid. I hope he gets help as I did with Chris Brown but I’m not judging him and I admit I like that song Us well the remix anyway . It won’t stop getting played in my iPod.

    • Dred Whitehead

      Please (in My Fat Joe Voice) GOOOOOOOO THAAAAAAT WAYYYYYYY

      • Anon

        You must be one of the phony boycotters. Clearly you listen to rap music and see nothing wrong with what they say but if they do it oh boy. Ha! You fake activist are clowns .

      • BritBrat

        This isn’t an issue of someone actually doing what they rap about. Lil Reese doesn’t talk about beating up women in any of his songs.

      • Anon

        Oh so it’s ok to talk about killing and drugs though. I’m not talking about him. I’m talking about rap in general . If you gonna boycott and protest go all out. Don’t just wait for them to do something to get upset. They speak negative in their lyrics all the time but that’s ok?

      • BritBrat

        I see your point.

      • Anon

        He doesn’t have to speak about beating women because everything else is just as bad. If you reference drug use or using guns in your lyrics that’s just as bad as if he had said he beat a woman in a song so don’t try to down play lyrical content.

      • GoGirl23

        You listen to this sh yt ? I always wonder about what kinda girls seem to find this kinda music listenable????? LMAO

  • say bye bye to your career.

    • Dred Whitehead

      Yep stick a Fork In This Kid ..He’s Done!!!!!

      • Rakeya

        Ctfu!! That was hilarious!!

    • Uh

      Chris briwn’s career is flourishing, he even has women defending him now. That’s probably why Reese felt comfortable being so unapologetic initially, he knows a good song makes everything go away in black America.

  • Crystal

    Def Jam made him apologize so that they wouldn’t be criticized for signing these park apes.

    • Dred Whitehead

      Again DEAD @ Park apes bwaahaaha

  • Terell

    he can showed them apologies up in his Mangina cuz thats what he is…a female for hittin a woman

  • yupher!


  • Dred Whitehead


  • Nikki

    He needs to say this from his jail cell. What happened to pressing charges?

  • GoGirl23

    Just go the h e ll away! And why is this article writer emphasing his poor grammar? He’s illiterate. He said the incident was a longtime ago but he is only like 17? Clearly, he is a problem!

    • GiGi

      A year is a “long time ago” for a young man living at the speed he’s living. His peers, those infused in a the culture he (Lil Reese) reps, die daily and never see the other side of 25… sad truth.

  • Rashida

    He is only sorry because he sees how is career is going to crap. No one is checking for his woman beater self, I bet he is a weak rapper anyhow. I won’t be supporting him or anyone who works with him.

    • Dred Whitehead

      lol Good 4 U Me ether

  • resheart

    In the words of Jay Z , ” we dont believe you you need more people!” . If he was truely sorry he would had went on to express this when the video first leaked instead of treating it like it was funny. Im not saying dont forgive the guy, im just saying he should actually mean his apology.

  • Sahaam

    Disgusting lil’ weasel.

  • Uh

    Why are we so surprised when these people act EXACTLY as ignorant and violent as their music say they are? A lot of us dance to it in clubs or sing it in the car, then get offended by the psychopaths and misogynists in real life. They’re not the problem bec they are upfront with how vile they are. WE who support these messages and flock to the concerts, then expect them to know better are the real issue.

  • bltch a$$ nikka!

  • Marquis de Sade

    Well after viewing that video, I’m surprised the Def Jam hasn’t dropped him already. There’s certain actions in life you just can’t forgive…This n*ggga should be in jail gettin’ butt raped by Adebeezi (from Oz fame).

  • I ain’t gonna’ judge the brutha’. This woman didn’t look totally innoccent to me for she was talkin’ plenty of smack. If you know you can’t put a hole in a wet paperbag, you needs to shut up around somebody who can and will hurt you. Does a wise person play chicken with a rhino? You ain’t provin nothin’ runnin your mouth except how stupid you be not knowing what somebody is gonna do. Men shouldn’t smack women around but then women don’t need to test a man’s patience either.

    • Marquis de Sade

      Dude, he was at her house uninvited…What he did was unforgivable and should be punishable with a thorough A$$ KICKIN’ and 10 to 15 years of hard labor at some Texas Work Farm…There’s no excuse for that sort of behavior, no matter what your upbringing is.

  • Guest

    Def Jam Should Not Support Domestic Violence … …

    • Anon

      So where is your petition to protest the lyrical content . This petition is dumb . You are ok with them rapping about violence ? Def jam would have to get rid of alot of artist if they based their signings on their personal lives. Had that tape not been released people would still be listening . Focus on your energy on helping every day victims if you truly are concerned about domestic violence .

  • IAintShitYet

    “Everybdy makes mistakes I was out of charcter & ive grown sense
    then Dont judge me for my past i can admit my wrongs and I
    …” out of his character* lmfao … really .. he’s still the same
    little B I T C H he’s always been the only reason he’s apologizing is
    because of the negative backlash. PUNK A S S

  • MsCongoCanada

    Dude is a punk, that apology was not sincere, the media scrutiny made him do that…it’s 2012 and men are just going all out with the right/left hooks. How baffling and embarrassing. From bus drivers uppercutting to this, the world is truly coming to an end, full stop!

  • Vickilove84

    That beating was unnecessary! He can say whatever but the fact of the matter is the beating is on video and eveyone can see it.

  • Black Female Addicted 2 Retail

    He’s a p**** a** lil boy who is getting paid millions to portray a thug life style. Bet if he was in jail he would be someone’s b**** cleaning their drawers in the toilet! This is what music has become! These are who record labels are putting in the forefront to be role models for our youth -.- & the black community of America is just laying down,taking it! SMFH

  • Ms. Chocolate

    I saw the video of him, and that’s embedded in him. He showed her no sympathy and neither should we for him. Loser….He stomped her and kicked her in her face…..We need more than a sorry a$$ed apology…