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Chris Brown Dresses As An Arab Terrorist For Halloween, Angers Just About Everybody [PHOTOS]


It wouldn’t be Halloween without a little struggle right? Chris Brown made an interesting decision in choosing a costume when he and his friends dressed up as Arab terrorists.

Above the caption “Ain’t nobody f-cking wit my clique!!!” Brown posted the photo of himself and his crew mimicking  Arabic men holding rifles. Although his intention may not have been to offend, the singer caught some pretty swift backlash for the stunt.

“My nationality is not like that and my nationality is not a costume for you to wear @chrisbrown how disrespectful!” wrote one person of Arabic decent.

Another commenter hypothesized about Brown’s true goal. “Chris Brown [is] trying to break the record of Most Bad Decisions Made In A Row.”

The photo is seen as offensive in that it further associates the Muslim religion and Arabs with terrorism. Given the September attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya, stemming from religious uproar caused by an anti-Islamic film, the timing of his decision couldn’t be more unfortunate.

At this point the singer can’t seem to get away from controversy, and has a history of angering the public. Still upset over his 2009 assault on Rihanna, a retailer in London plastered “this man beats women” stickers over copies of the Grammy winner’s latest release, Fortune.

Brown hasn’t yet responded to the hate, or apologized for the costume. Check out his clique’s outfits in the gallery.


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  • mm

    I’m a arab . I found this funny.. people need to lighten up ..

    • Yay to you, although i can’t stand Chris B!

  • Mike

    Who cares im Syrian. Only people mad are the uptights.

    • I don’t like CB but i must say, you deserve a standing O for your comment, just like the person above you!

  • Nat Turner

    Hypocrites can’t get mad! “AMERICA”!

  • t.boone

    I’d dress up like a terrorist but i aim to piss off the mainstream and i liked Harry’s Hitler costume. Here to incite we don’t want any of your stuff @#justsayin.

  • Jbird


  • Starla

    Lol I think that is too funny! Man people need to chill out with the omg

  • Aziz

    Just ran across this site not impressed at all now I see why the root meaning of entertainment means to divert and the boule is doing a grand job of it but it had a beginning it surely has an end u overs