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Chris Brown Dresses As An Arab Terrorist For Halloween, Angers Just About Everybody [PHOTOS]


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  • mm

    I’m a arab . I found this funny.. people need to lighten up ..

    • Yay to you, although i can’t stand Chris B!

  • Mike

    Who cares im Syrian. Only people mad are the uptights.

    • I don’t like CB but i must say, you deserve a standing O for your comment, just like the person above you!

  • Nat Turner

    Hypocrites can’t get mad! “AMERICA”!

  • t.boone

    I’d dress up like a terrorist but i aim to piss off the mainstream and i liked Harry’s Hitler costume. Here to incite we don’t want any of your stuff @#justsayin.

  • Jbird


  • Starla

    Lol I think that is too funny! Man people need to chill out with the omg

  • Aziz

    Just ran across this site not impressed at all now I see why the root meaning of entertainment means to divert and the boule is doing a grand job of it but it had a beginning it surely has an end u overs