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Rush Limbaugh Says Gov. Christie Has “Man-Love” For President Obama [LISTEN]


Rush Limbaugh has been keeping a close eye on  the relationship between New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and President Obama, and is not happy with what he’s witnessed.

The liberal broadcaster is once again upset, this time with the Republican governor’s positive reaction to the post-Sandy assistance he’s received from the commander in chief, and has accused him of being a “Greek Column for President Obama.”

During a broadcast of his radio show, Limbaugh claimed that Obama’s visit to the Jersey Shore (where the “1 percent live”) is nothing more than a cry for publicity.

Limbaugh pointed out that neither New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg—an accused Romney supporter—nor Gov. Andrew Cuomo have asked for the president’s assistance for a “joint photo op of fixing New York.” He also mentioned governors in Connecticut, West Virginia, Ohio and Tennessee, none of whom have requested that the POTUS travel to their states. “Is it wrong for one man to love another man?” Limbaugh asked, making a thinly veiled gay reference to Christie.  “That ‘man-love’ is isolated to the state of New Jersey.”

Late last year, Christie accused the president of “sitting on the sidelines” when he should be leading the country. “America is starving for leadership,” Christie said during a luncheon. “We need a leader who will lead us to the moment..and then not be cautious and safe and sit back and wait for someone else to do the hard work, but to get out of your chair and do the hard work yourself to make America great.”

In the last few days, Christie has praised the president for calling him several times after the storm hit. Obama also declared New Jersey a disaster area early on, expediting the process to get federal assistance from FEMA.

Regardless of the acclaim he’s given to Obama, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will give him a push going into next week’s election. Although he has widened his lead over Romney in certain states, both opponents are running close in the likes of New Hampshire.

Romney also leads among male voters in Iowa, Wisconsin and New Hampshire.



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  • souladventurer

    Rush Limbaugh “The Liberal broadcaster” ???????? Since when???

  • Guest

    Rush Limbaugh is not a Liberal, he’s a Conservative

  • Guest

    He’s a conservative

  • so limpballs is saying christie is gay?and christie hasn’t denied it?i thought christie was married to a female?

    • corey

      Christie is married to a woman and has kids. Why acknowledge a loser like Rush? Christie shouldn’t bother with that sad, ignorant man.

      And how in the world does hip-hop wired make a type like calling Rush a “liberal”??? LOL

  • jeorge

    Rush don’t be stupid any more Please!
    I tink you are very jealous because you don’t have the opportunity to be in a good plan for help people because you only can hate.

  • What an HONOR it would be….for THIS Marine Corps vet……to personally BEHEAD the fat F@#k Limbaugh once & for all…..

  • frankie

    rush and karl would love to be a-hole buddies but sadly they can’t because they both come up short! leave it to re-pubic-ans to criticize and jeer in a time of great peril. both of these turds along with faux news corporation should be publicly humiliated and put to work helping the victims of this tragedy. in addition they should be coherced into massive monetary donations for their corrosive comments and behaviour. these two and faux news do not represent americans. rush and karl are tools of corporate greed and manipulation. we the people own the airwaves let us take this medium away from these pieces of s@# and their sponsors!

  • elljaye

    Fat fool is as fat fool does…